2013 BMW X3 xDrive28i Test Drive & Luxury Crossover SUV Video Review

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http://www.autobytel.com/bmw/x3/2013/ The 2013 BMW X3 is based on the 3-series platform and comes in 2 different trim levels: the xDrive28i which features a …


AdventuristoSupremo says:

V6 eh? Amazing how lax some people have it in their jobs. Imagine a
pilot… oh damn, forgot to extend flaps… ah well, no harm, no foul!

albanski Rama says:

had a audi a6 4×4 but i just sold it and i have now a bmw x3 and it is so
fucking good

whatever04811 says:

V6 or in line 6?!

RalphieWatcher says:

No need to pay 35,000 just get a used BMW X3. You can get a 2011 for under
30 grand if you look.

richard a says:

j ai un 286 sd une tuerie

Mo Mare says:

CUV= crossover utility vehicle. noobs

James Davies says:

Great thing about the X3 is that is is the same size as the original x5.

posro1988 says:

why would you be throwing a car around a corner off road, off road is
sensible careful driving, not rallying

Peter Smith says:

Soccer moms

MrMinibudd says:

Bring back Ron


Why don’t you go and watch a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla review if you
are poor and pathetic? I rarely comment on haters but you are just to
goddam retarded. Stay mad and poor idiot.

Fizzy Mind says:

go and fuck yourself ,that’s what he said not me you stupid

Daniel Miller says:

The BMW X3 Xdrive 35i ere in Brazil, costs around $ 135.000

XYHD says:

if next video is not Ron, i will unsubscrine you. V6.

Thomas Huynh says:

Where’s Ron?

cassiocm says:

i’d go with the new Sorrento loaded and pocket the difference. Sure it is
not the same or does not have the same cachet as the bimmer, but, it is a
more practical choice for todays’ economy.


thank you Jap economy car lover

Jacob Dunn says:

All your videos need remote mics. Not just this one

Ruben Caro says:

Damn, He is going to drive it with his belly.

yunior12 says:

Good review…

Desca says:

Awesome car.

Khalid Modi says:

ugly car

MrMinibudd says:

Bring back Jeff

jckatari says:

what??? so expensive…

tracerit says:

I’ve never seen anyone sit so close to the steering wheel before lol

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