2013 BMW X5 0-60 MPH Mile High Drive & Review

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The new 2013 BMW X5 Xdrive 35i is a very sporty German Crossover that had the body of a family hauler but the soul of a sports car….


Andrewlikesguns says:

I’m looking into buying a 2001-2003 X5 not sure of I am going to go 3.0 or
4.4. Any BMW experts have an opinion? I think the difference in gas mileage
is something to look at as is reliability and I have heard the 3.0 inline 6
is better for both. The V8 models have so many more good options included,
plus more power and I used to drive a Chevy Tahoe so how the hell can an X5
possibly use more gas??

Matthew Decker says:

Dads work bmw x5 4.4i x-drive is great without the ///M sports package, it
has everything, sunroof, 20 inchers all power accessories and leather and
lots more without the ///M

Matthew Decker says:

Sounds better and has a v8 without the ///M package so ///M isn’t that good
cause of no v8

Lucy Garcia says:

My dad bought the 2013 BMW X5 Sport for my 17th birthday. It was
originally $72,000 because it had just came out, but with the extra fees,
taxes, and insurance it cost us $74,000. I may be only 17, but I sure as
hell can drive this car and I am thankful to have such a loving father who
spoils and buys anything their kids want lol. I literally went to the
dealer and sat in this car and he said you want it, sweetie? i said yes
daddy please! next thing you know it, he signing some papers and giving
them his credit card. YEAHHH!
now everyone at school wants to get a ride with me in the car after school
but i aint letting just any dirty piece of crap sit in my new car.

gene978 says:

It’s amazing how this Sport Utility is almost as good as the New Hyundai
Santa Fe’. The Santa Fe’ rocks with is MPG and great new looks. Oh yeah
tell Andre the Russian to not edit in his Russian Music to the videos.
Annoying. Hehe

Ricardo DaSilva says:

The music. .. :-(

jmmpdfdg says:

Hey guys can a Volvo XC60 R-DESIGN 3.0L T6 AWD 325hp Compete in some way ?? :) Very nice car !!

BlueSkiBasin says:

Even with the winter tires on, our X5 is still terrible in the snow

1256robert says:

Fuck, you’re right! I knew it was too good to be true…

Anthony Cuda says:

It’s not an M…. It has the M sport package. The X5 M has a 555hp Turbo V8

matt b says:

Such a dope sweater bud

winboilos says:

1:48 . that cute because my uncle actually has a monkey!!! :D Perfect car
for Uncle Tim!! :)

cheyennedogsoldiers says:

They had snow tyres, all of our local cop and emergency vehicles are
outfitted for winter. They are just crap on anything but a dry asphalt
road. And no they don’t have them now, they switched back to Land Rovers,
Jeeps and a couple of those AWD Ford crossovers.

Geto Boy says:

Is this a 6 Cylinder?

a38racing says:

Its a mile above sea level which makes a difference when normally its
around mid 6 seconds

آل سويح نواف says:

THIS X6 & 2M hhhhh

Bruce Graves says:

Turbo engines does lose some power, just not as much as NA engines.

Andrew Adams says:

Roman I think you’re the first reviewer that likes the Lexus UI. Finally
someone who agrees with me :)

swetomboy says:

just shut up retard he said x5 so I said then wheres the M logo and I still
asked that question. Learn to live with it.

Drewbie85 says:

Have you driven the turbo Diesel version?

hilow4125 says:

Why didnt you mention the 2nd gen acura mdx. Its alot more of its
competitor then the lexus rx line

TheAceHD says:

Kind of disappointing that it barely has more power than the x1 with the
v6…. it should have 400-450 for a vehicle of this weigt. It loves to rev
but to actually get it to go anywhere you need those high revs and that
means even worse gas mileage than the EPA levels. So its underpowered and
burns gas because the v6 hsa to push so hard to move it. LAME BMW!!

Kristopher Campbell says:

ford egde styling?

Jack Brand says:

my 2012 x5 without the M sports package does 0-60 in 6.4 seconds! whats he
talking about??

Bruce Graves says:

not necessarily, Yes turbo engines have the MAS after the intake that
adjust for the amount of air pressure needed, but it can only do so much.
Its like water going through a fire hose. If there isn’t enough water going
through the hose, the fireman can just adjust the nozzle to increase the
pressure. But he can only adjust the nozzle up to a certain point, then
after that he loses water pressure. Its the same for turbo cars. the MAF
does adjust but up to a certain point.

PLAY_HRD says:

Agree with your post, but wanted to clear up the X5 0-60 times. In this
video he is driving the X5 xDrive35i which runs 0-60 in 6.4 sec, the
twin-turbo V8 version, X5 xDrive50i, run 0-60 in 5.1 sec, and the X5M does
it in 4.5 sec.

Bruce Graves says:

yeah you right, just got confused with all the X5 variants and which one
they was reviewing.

Mikael Haavin says:

You are spoiled holy shit

Cameron Witt says:

Who would put a monkey in a BMW? Love your videos!

camshaft53149 says:

I will take the explorer sport for this money. Sorry just never thought
Bmw’s were that great looking. However loving the reviews still! keep up
the great work Roman! always look forward to you and nathan’s videos!

Prvoslav Vojinovic says:

It is not X5, it is X5 M. That is in Montenegro(Balkanian penissula) :)

bmwmsport11 says:

I don’t know why somebody would buy a $74,000 X5 35i. Because $74,000 can
get you a X5 V8, ML550, Q7 4.2, loaded GX460, or even a lightly used LX570.

Selenifyable says:

The Explorer was a mile above, too, and it also had the other dude in the
car and got 7.13. Big embarrassment for BMW…

Random Videos says:

You guys are great! Keep up the fun reviews..

Finn Bonner says:

Needs a refresh

Flashboxzer says:

Porsche Cayenne and the Mercedes GL blow this car out of the water. Nice
try Roman, but the BMW doesn’t compare.

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