2013 Volvo XC60 versus BMW X1 0-60 MPH Mashup Review

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2013 2013 Volvo XC60 T6 and the 2013 BMW X1 xDrive 35i have a lot in common. Both cars are powered by a 3.0-Liter engine. Both …


Matthieu Danielewski says:

Mine blablabla yours blablabla, shut up, you dump monkey!!
Jeremy Clarkson, come and save us ! 

Epostaxis says:

“she-who-must-be-obeyed”… lol!

Witos says:

Volvo not good start 0-20 BMW 1.15 /Volvo 1.70 but 80-120 volvo is better

darthdt234 says:

Lol says 40 mph as speed limit

Narii- says:

The bmw cant offroad, but the volvo with a million times worse AWD can?

Kalahari Willis says:

Nathan the bmw is from great britian so u mean siping on ure hot tea 



Emerych135 says:

I love thys Guys 

Erno Forczek says:

Na melyiket is vegyem meg? 

angel men says:

bmw is nazi car

ghd bfb says:

Video quality is good but not at its best come on do better

piotr skarga says:

x1 is no competitor for xc 60 in europe x3 is at xc 60 class and its smash
volvo in almoust every way in europe first three is x3 mercedes ml audi q3
then volvo xc 60 and freelander thev infiniti beleve me vovo is fuckindg
disaster gearbox is lazy anought room in asphalt its drive worst dhan bmw
audi mercedes x1 in europe is competitor for vw tiguan toyota rav 4 and in
europe 70% new car has 3.0 diesel and volvo has only 2.5 diesel whos is
good but no chance with 3 liter diesel from audi bmw mercedes lets bee
onest 3.0 diesel beat 3.0 petrol in bmv diesel has 313 hp audi and merc

Laweeze Morton says:

How can the X1 not go off road? I’ve taken my 335xi off road and it did
fine and it does 0-60 in 4.2 (thank you JB4). 

Isak Wincent says:

Volvo!!!!! Swedish power

Charlie G says:

no contest here, volvo

venom5809 says:

Volvo is better, hands down.

gene978 says:

Hi there. Dave took off and made his own review channel?

NickT717 says:

YES! the beats are back!

Angel ivan says:

you should do a mash up between lexus gx 460 vs land rover discovery4

jmmpdfdg says:

Do you know what your talking about ?? :P

janknoll93 says:

U guys are the best! Greatings from Germany

elhussain farouk says:

you are sooooo funny and cooooool guys thumbs up for you .

looncraz says:

Gearing and torque curves can upset the pooch.

Christopher King says:

I love old BMWs but between these two the Volvo wins every day. Why buy
that ugly assed Bimmer when you could just buy a older 3 series wagon with
just as much room?

lucaswutw says:

Volvo is Swedish… you might need to update a little bit now… Volvo has
now become a chinese piece of crap

Leah S. says:

Still go for the volvo over the bmw anyday..

Rodney Chan says:

let’s make a match X3, Xc60, Glk, and Evoque ..

AlternativeUses says:

Got an x1, Luke=like…. autocorrect

AlternativeUses says:

I just a an x1 with the 35i engine. Its not a perfect car but in a straight
line 90 percent of “sports” cars can’t come close. The engine feels
massively underrated Luke most German cars

dsSamueL says:

I don´t think that 0,89 sec difference in 0 – 60 matters when you ´re
buying an SUV ;-)

Jonathan Garcia says:


Rodney Chan says:

the price compare? what ‘re the option comes in both.. u can get a base X3
35i and is cheaper than the xc60.. and perform much better .. there are 15k
option from base to full load.. is more fare to compare with X3 to Xc60..


Nice review

theokan89 says:

if you don’t want to crash in the first place, go with BMW.

Eastbaycinco10 says:

Volvo needs a new logo, that’ shit is ugly. Cool car tho.

StlPike2004 says:

Volvo power all day…….I love smoking em in my new S60 R-Design.

deffdeffdeffdeff says:

“I believe in Swedish power” -No One Ever

glsracer says:

What no polestar tune? Anyone interested in speed would have it…

Christopher King says:

The only BMWs I give a shit about are the 1 Series sedan, the 2002, the E30
and the E28, peace.

firstcobra88 says:

hahahhahahha, Swedish meatball vs German Sausage :D

Richard Gard says:

Great job guys!

Kemuel Valdes says:

These two vehicles appeal to different purposes and different crowds.

Björn S says:

Do you have a script?

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