‘ 2014 / 2015 Audi S3 Sedan (8V) ‘ Test Drive & Review – TheGetawayer

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For this review I test drove the 2014 / 2015 Audi S3 Sedan for a week and give you my indebth impressions and a comparision with the Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG…


NM2255 Car HD Videos says:

Great video review as usual, Guido! I’m a huge fan of this car too… I had
the opportunity to drive the standard A3 Sedan last week (1.8 TFSI with
manual) and I really enjoyed it!

DtRockstar1 says:

Absolutely phenomenal video, Guido!! Your intros are just epic, and you are
so natural while doing commentary. And big thumbs up for driving a manual!
I’m wondering why they won’t be bringing the manual over to the US?

subaruwrxfan says:

Really outstanding review Guido! Loved the intro and you made some really
good points. I think I prefer the sound and interior of the CLA, but the S3
is definitely an impressive car. Keep up the awesome reviews!

Nick Murray says:

Great review my friend. Really impressive camera work and editing. 

647killa says:

Its amazing how we get one of the best driving Audi in Canada yet it only
comes with a 2.0T engine choice mated to their dual clutch system. Where is
the 1.8T, diesel option, and manual gearbox? Awesome car but wth is Audi
thinking by limiting enthusiast choices? Awesome review Guido and its been
a while since you did a proper review. Nice to see you back in a manul
vehicle as great as the S3. I’m still sad we get a horrible choice of such
a nice car in Canada. Thumbs up on the review buddy ! 

Mr Berry says:

Your video’s get better and better with more and more views; yet Porsche
will not give you what you want. Hilarious. I guess Porsche would rather
give a Turbo S to Motor trend so Johnny Lieberman can tell us about a good
steakhouse he heard of that is closed…. yep.

daredevil7442 says:

Great review. To bad no manual transmission for the USA!? 

Del Johnson says:

Nice review. You tell people what they want to hear. How about a review of
the M235i?

Alek Salazar says:

Excellent review! I’m actually waiting on the mk3 TT stateside :) But this
S3 is very tempting…

TheGetawayer says:

Here’s my review of the Audi S3 Sedan with 6spd manual…Be sure to check
the links below and follow my new Instagram-Page ! Hope you enjoy the video ;) 

Rodger Ham says:

Got sent over here by someone after /Drive sold out.
Your video’s are much better, thank you very much!

Carl Moritz says:

Great review, I am looking forward to this car in the U.S. the only other
car I would consider would be BMW M235i Xdrive, I would love to see what
you think about the beemer with xdrive

Max Chui says:

Really nice review! Very thorough and balanced. I also love the interior of
this car, I think Audi pays a lot of attention in details like even those
tiny switches. Sadly in South Africa we can’t get the European spec 300PS
model… due to the hot climate.

jeebus2121 says:

I had a 2001 A4 that was remarkably good for heel-toe but the clutch pedal
was too light and the travel too far back then as well. I remember test
driving a ’99 M3 that had a clutch pedal stiffer than the brake in that
Audi. Going from the M3 back to the Audi was a very clumsy process.

yoyoman9747 says:

Awesome review, as always. Great for you to be back. Just one question.
Does the car feel FWD or AWD? I mean it’s only part time AWD, so I was
wondering what it feels like.

julienjjj says:

Lucky you, we are not getting the manual (huge disapointment toward audi)
in north america.

NuclearGrizzly says:

Darn. My shoe size is a 16 (US). Looks like no manual for me.

TangoR34 says:

Another great review man. What editing software do you use?

tariq alli says:

guido.. great review… I am in the market for this same car. Would you
consider doing the review for the same car in s-tronic.. even if its the
sport back version?

Suzanne Feyens says:

As always, a great review! I wish you were able to get more cars from
manufacturers, since these reviews are worth more than reviews of some well
known magazines.
Regarding the S3, I really think this sedan-version is without a doubt best
in class. Only when one wants the 3- or 5-door hatchback version, there is
an equally as good (if not even better) VW Golf R, which is slightly more
playful, but doesn’t have the excellent interior and the more exclusive
presence of the Audi, although still very, very good.
Audi’s MMI system has beaten BMW’s iDrive over the last 2-3 years and is
indeed, like you said, the best on the market.

AJ VanGorden says:

That is a beautiful car, I’m normally an import guy but I’m a sucker for a
sporty German car. I want one. I hate that we can’t get the manual
transmission in the U.S. -_-

Maarten Migaris says:

You’re definitly one of the best car reviewers on youtube, Guido. You’re
videos are interesting from begin to end. I like how Audi reworked the back
of the S3/A3, just the RS5 front grill would make the S3 look better in
front also. But that’s my opinion. 

ironcityblue says:

Great review! Any chance of doing the Scirocco R?

Joe Kovacs says:

Great review Guido. Any idea when it is being release in the States?

Leonard Hanson says:

Yet another fantastic review! I’ve been anxiously waiting for you to test
drive the S3 and hear and hear your opinion on it. Keep up the awesome
work. I look forward to your next video review.

Geoffrey Hughes says:

Another nice review ,Guido. The car looks and sounds great .It looks as if
you were having fun driving it too.

Anthony Davis says:

Great to see that you are back with more reviews. Please keep them coming.

Tri Do says:

good review mah man. I was looking forward for the review so much. sadly in
Australia will be most likely bringing s tronic tranny instead of the
manual. How is the part time quattro feel compare to the cla amg? thanks

Carphile says:

can’t wait to watch this !!

Brian Bonilla says:

Great review as always. I feel like the lack of a manual transmission in
the US will turn off a lot of buyers. It certainly did for me.

Shashank Rao says:

Great review Guido, hope you get more test cars. I wish I could drive
especially in the autobahn. 

Randy Schouteere says:

excellent.. as usual ;-)

Ryanworksinc says:

As always excellent review Guido! Regards 

Guerra1301 says:

Nice review Guido as usual, do you have any plans to test the 2014 Lexus IS
350 F SPORT?

whuang23888 says:

so is the m235i review coming soon?

Tomskii5 says:

As always, top notch video Guido! I’ve seen a couple of those new S3′s,
they look good. Just a bit pricey when you tick of some options

ki flex says:

Very good… man well done very informative review I really like this car.it
reminds me of the B5 A4 rs . 

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