2014 – 2015 BMW i8 – Review in Detail, Start up, Exhaust Sound, and Test Drive

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Motorcar File says:

For more details about specifications, corrections, performance, and
pricing please read the full description in the video details! Thanks!

Rayan Fernando says:

that is not a car!! that’s a freaking spaceship!

Hassan Henry says:

Your reviews are the best, almost NO ONE in the comments is fighting and
bickering over ridiculous things here! :D

SaintsRow312 says:

finally… a good walkthrough about this car

Skyy is Back says:

I love your work.

semaisking says:

You should’ve shown us the engine behind that plastic cover in the trunk.
Other than that awesome review as always! Cheers.

manoman0 says:

Compared to all the efforts made it’s not that drag efficient compared to a

gqtrebor says:

I think this car is actually ugly… again my opinion.

243wayne1 says:

Another great review on a very interesting and cutting edge automobile, and
an even nicer stainless steel silver dial with stick markers Audemars
Piguet on your wrist today… Thank you for both. I am as enthused as you
are in your videos! I feel as if I am in the driver seat… Beware
Saabkyle… Motorcar File is drafting off of your rear wing, and it’s tires
are fresh on the LAST LAP! PS. You’d better not have sold your Rolex
Ceramic GMT…

OG Badger says:

the premium on it is huge… up here in Toronto there’s one for $190k.

Lord Amadeus says:

Personally I am a fan of unique, jarring designs like this. 15-20 years ago
this is how I imagined cars would look in 2014. The i8 is a stunning BMW I
would love to own. Sucks we don’t get the laser headlights in the U.S.
Great review. 

brandonwagner2123 says:

Awesome video as always. 

Altin Bajrami says:

2014 BMW i8 – Review in Detail, Start up, Exhaust…:

adam hawisa says:

I think that u sould get the cls 63 because there is no good videos about

Sharath Mathew says:


Devon O'neil says:

Your high quality and in-depth videos are awesome!

manoman0 says:

The electric motor has a 2-speed-transmission and the 3-banger a
6-speed-transmission? Good luck servicing them. A simpler design would’ve
been better. JMHO.

Susumu Iwafune says:


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