2014 Audi A4 2.0T quattro Review

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The Audi A4 as we know it has been on sale in the U.S. since 2008. Essentially it’s gone unchanged for more than half a decade, but is it still competitive or have reinvigorated adversaries…


Cole Stanfield says:


juan tafoya says:

7:13 lmao his face

Shaun Lee says:

Look gay

jorge arevalo says:

Craig Cole = Best car reviewer

Mike Schlee says:

Ladies and Gentlemen, 6:51 is your dance craze for 2014.

Han Chen says:

It should be noted that Audi A4 2014 scored “Poor” on front small overlap
crash test.


Bryan Doherty says:

Although the A4 is a really good car, the lack of a 6 cylinder is enough to
keep me away. 220hp and 258 torques isn’t enough for me. The Mercedes
C-class and BMW 3-series both have an AWD option if you need it, but unlike
the A4 you can get a 6 cylinder in those cars. The C350 has a 248hp v6
while the 335i has the twin turbo in line six with 300hp. So I’d go with
the BMW 

David Cabrera says:


sinnders97 says:

id rather have the 2014 impala it’s faster looks cooler more torque more
HP better car overall and less money altho the inside in this car looks
pretty good to me and i’m not realy a chevy fanboy i have been around and
like plenty of cars but the impala is one of my favs

Marcus Simmons says:

Craig is the reason i’m subscribed to AutoGuide. Great review as always!

David Pate says:

Miss you on Autoline Daily Craig. On this show…I feel like your trying too
hard…or I’m just not getting your similes. 

Nick Bond says:

I love this guy

Zoltan Bebto says:

Like for only Audi !

yt0500323022 says:

Please get some updated/trendier eyeglasses. The current pair is seriously
pegging your nerd meter. 

asolisto says:

Nice VW Passat

Ben Xie says:


LI PD says:

this is the german camry… so dull

azaz911c says:

This is a really nice, classy, well made car for a reasonable price for
what you get. I suppose it has a timelessness to it but it seems to lack

conor collins says:

Pretentious…or trying too hard. One or the other.

TheGarvito says:

do the new A8 please 

Christopher .WalkenPNW says:

Craig finally got some new pants. Thank you jesus, thank you.

kngjones says:

Honestly, unless you live in a place where it snows for the majority of the
year, just get the new GTI and save yourself thousands.

05Forenza says:

“29.97 of them!” lol

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

Walmart called. They want their sweatshirt back…

foxxmufasa says:

its old and stale… time for a new model

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