2014 Audi A4 2.0T Review – TEST/DRIVE

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Chris Harris reviews the 2014 Audi A4 2.0T. Scored by all TEST/DRIVE hosts.


/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) says:

You guys are starting to sound an awful lot like car adverts! 

Florian Posch says:

Where are the petrolhead driving reviews gone? Chris Harris doing
percentage-based car tests is just like buying a Zonda R for everyday

In addition: this rating scheme isn’t quite well-balanced IMHO… how come
a 4-wheel drive sedan only gets 3 out of 5 traction points… plus: you
need swiss-army-knife-like car to actually get a good rating here because
its just 5 point to score per category without an actual weighting or
something like that…

Atrax1207 says:

i’d still take a beemer over this any day, every day.

capturedbytee says:

1:05 = 2:38 :D

Itzik Cohen Arazi says:

looks like a japanese sedan

Sparntanz D says:

is a Quattro? 

Marian Cihoň says:

This was really boring Chris… A4 is ok, but it’s old now. Aren’t there
any other, up to date cars, which deserve to be tested more than this? What
new could have been said about A4? I think everything that could have been
said od Drive about A4 was said in numerous S4/RS4 test you did in the
past… So, thanks for this test, but let’s move on to something more
interesting. :)

Str8representing says:

Audi builds good race cars. Why can’t they transfer some driveability to
road cars… Audis look very good, it’s a shame they don’t drive as well.

Andy Shinn says:

I’d be interested to see a future review of the A3 sedan in comparison to
this. I really think the A3 sedan is going to touch on a mark that the old
A4 had.

macaron3141592653 says:

The Mercedes will never have a better clutch pedal…….

Franky just says:


mininow says:

People actually buy petrol instead of diesel in such cars? 2.0 TDI should
be the only option for this car, with different ECU mappings, of course.

fauzi hassan says:

It must be painful for Chris to review this Audi…

stoppsi says:

No Chris, I wouldn’t be happy. Its White.

Maranello Santiago says:

And the B5 still looks good today.

Ck junjie says:

Finally, He is back!

kevinmsft says:

Something about the Audi cabin = interior quality.

I have an S5 (which has very similar interior materials except better
seats), the interior quality is so much more superior than the new 3 series.

True, it you like driving a RWD car (and don’t care about creaking
plastics), BMW can’t be beat at this price range, but for people who like
that solid feeling and not that drifting sensation, A4 is a very solid

cityofdreams95 says:

S4 is better

WaLeeD Ali says:


Bryan Doherty says:

How much power does that 2.0t make 265? 

Maky M says:

In this almost 5m Video, The Bar Graphs started showing up as soon as 3m o.O
Really dislike this presentation and there seems to be ‘less’ in video

jimmyhoffa9 says:

The A4 seems the most luxury biased car of the class. It’s just a nice car,
it’s not an amazing driver like the RWD BMW or Merc, but it’s a nice
handsom well built sedan. If they stopped pushing sportiness so much and
sorted out the suspension rather than the current not so good setup, it’d
be perfect.

CaptainSprinkles1985 says:

I’m in the market for a luxury sports coupe. Can’t decide between the audi
s5 or the bmw 435I. The 4 series is all new but I still prefer the s5
interior, plus it’s quicker.

killkaveh says:

Still like the interior better than the other German cars. 

Gas Vein says:

If the music wasn’t so loud, I might have been able to hear what Chris had
to say about this car.

radney32 says:

You came to American to review an Audi a4? What the …?!

Henk Jaeger de says:

As long as they keep sharing so much tech with Veedub and stick with FWD
based platforms (even the A8 is, cause it is/has been available with FWD in
Europe), which, let’s face it, is only done so they can cut costs sharing
tech with Veedub as there is no viable reason at all to have a big
(engined) luxury sedan with FWD instead of RWD, I will always look at the
brand as a marketing lead gimmick.

I also think that as a brand they haven’t made any real progress since,
say…10-15 years ago. Back then their cabins (especially on the lower end)
actually were nicer than the average Merc or Bimmer, but IMO the others
have caught on and in case of the A4/5, Audi arguably has even gone
backwards. In terms of quality impression, I liked the B6/7 interior more
than the B8 one.

I do quite like what they did with the new TT interior that they previewed
recently, even if the instrument cluster screen doesn’t make it to
production it is very minimalistic, clean an elegant…But all in all out
of their current line up there’s not one model I’d choose over both the BMW
and Mercedes counterpart (the A5 comes closest just on looks) and as a
brand…I think the shine is kinda gone, the brand just appeals too much
now to people who are way too much into ‘brands’.

matthew deng says:

Cabin and interior is so old the way It looks is too far behind BMW and
Mercedes of course the technology on A4 is not updated 

Eliot Salandy Brown says:

I derive very little pleasure or insight from watching this in comparison
to Chris’ normal videos or a Carlos Lago review. 

sherman3211 says:

Chris, the W202 C class was produced a year before the A4 was. 

kubek555 says:


barcode says:

Don’t forget there aren’t many 6 cylinder engines left @BMW nowadays…

Goo Gle says:

This is like if I went to a dominatrix and she suggested missionary style
sex. It’s not what I come to /Drive for.

Skellar says:

Chris Harris in a left hand drive, testing in the USA, and with this rating
system that makes no sense and isnt explained within the too short very
shallow review. These Test/drives are not good :(

MSportsEngineering says:

Nice Audi commercial. I don’t come to Drive to watch commercials. 

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