2014 Audi A4 Review and Test Drive

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Browse our Audi A4 inventory: http://goo.gl/wD00zJ The 2014 Audi A4 is a symbol of accomplishment: either you’ve just graduated college and you’re ready to s…


MrFreddiew1 says:

Poor old USA, screwed again. The 211BHP Turbo model in germany with the
multitronic gearbox (manual) gets 48/gallon or better if you treat it nice.


I think your review is great! I watched it 3 times.

WindiGreens says:

My friend tells me that Audis are trash in spite of their German
engineering. I want to get an Audi A4, but I don’t want to be making a
mistake. Do Audis have a good lasting value? How long do they last; how
durable are they?

shredfactor7 says:

those eyes glowing… fucking sexy car

Honest Insaan says:

I really wish audi improves the tail lights design and detailing, something
like the new a8.

Previous a4 had lovely tail lights

br971129 says:

i am 2 minutes in and if this guy says slick one more time….

dracolnyte says:

what do you mean the key is bluetooth? 

BaiatGigi says:

Electromechanical ebrake won’t do shit for you in the snow..

Ernest Tse says:

Audi copy BMW

MrRagster says:

America is damm cheap..I bought 2013 Audi A4 sports edition in Australia
for 66k..total rip off due to damm aussie taxes..

Mrlolibre says:

Starting price at 33 grand!?!?! I guess audi’s aren’t marketed for college
students. It’s a shame they seem like nice cars though. 

Zak Norris says:

Maaaan, so cheap in the states. Over double in Australia. 

OfficialAudiMV says:

@JakeMcCrary, you can get paddles with the Sport Package – optional on
Premium Plus and Prestige models that have the automatic (tiptronic)

PatTSnow says:

first decent car review i’ve seen that hasn’t been a uk top gear episode.
if this guy wasn’t biased to sell and talked about the negatives he would
be great at doing reviews.

Edmond G says:

Idk why they didn’t changed the interior, its so outdated, btw the car is

TheTwinsBlade says:

Where can i buy those Angel eyes ? Like in the video

Gabriel Muniz says:

Is the car kinda slick? Lol. Beautiful car

Reza Moghadasian Rad says:

shitty boring german wheelbarrow, huh

zigga88 says:

How is the manual? Is it smooth as the 2013?

CYSongMC says:

2:30 That Sexy G37 tail light!!!!

miklar1971 says:

You still have to chip it to make it feel like a comparable bmw 335x, for
the money you spend!!

Spacemanxful says:

The MMI Telefon Menu is flickering arround.

wersuss says:

okay, audis are nice cars and point.

oly loly says:

move your chair backwards and stop driving like a woman

Iwantkababnow says:

I wonder if this guy’s favorite rapper is slick rick. 

bladida says:

the sexiest car ever

dihydrotestosterone says:

you’re doing a great job !! must be a pleasant experience buying a car from

SoulElitex says:

i got a 2013 audi a4 and the only thing i regret is not getting the MMI
interface (you need to get navigation package) instead of the normal AMI.
the extra money is worth it for the extra features

Jake McCrary says:

No paddles? Next.

SmacSA says:

Audi much nicer than bmw.

Cuseball121 says:

An Audi review by Audi. Yeah not basing any buying information off of this.

Calvin M says:

Can you do a 2014 Audi S4 review?

Charleston Green says:

I own a 2013 A4 premium plus with sports pack and nav, the car is really
nice but the design and feel especially on the interior is getting outdated
compared to its rivals (BMW 3 and Mercedes C-Class). The fuel economy is
not bad and a couple years ago i imagine this was top notched, however
currently BMW 3 and new C-Class has surpassed Audi with fuel economy and
power. For those reasons the A4 in its present form should be a great
bargain, still a pretty classy ride and fun to drive.

Jonathan Gomez says:

I have a beautiful 2010 A4 Premium Plus and I want to say that it never
gets old. I love watching audi reviews, and I think you did a great job. As
an Audi owner… i would recommend this to anyone in the market.



Yasmin Mata says:

Love it …

Josh Gower says:

damn i wish I had some money

Jaa W says:

Great review! Informative and helpful to any prospective buyer or
enthusiast. You reviewed this vehicle like an audi driver, modest.

mac buchio says:

Its cool

marc steward says:

no keyless entry???? 

Matthew Maranan says:

Awesome video, I was torn between this or a 328i….I think I know what my
choice is now :)

yalawala says:

i give you 10/10 on your sideburn

ananth sadanand says:

Excellent salesmanship good Sir! Im considering the A4 as my first vehicle
and came across this video. Very comprehensive, comprehendible and well
planned review. Cheers!

Raghuram Yaadav says:

I am planning to have one.

alecjones665 says:

*Sees 2014 A4 review.*
*Clicks video.*
*Sees automatic transmission.*

*Closes browser.*

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