2014 Audi A5 Video Review — Edmunds.com

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This Audi A5 video review includes information about the 2.0T coupe model, including fuel economy, performance, handling, price and interior space. For more …


swinglow33 says:

For a 7 year old design, it’s still giving the competition mentioned a run
for their money.

AntsAfan301 says:

That beard is distracting .. Anyway I like the look of this car

AlexTheGreat says:

Daaaaaaamn Travis – that beard is money! I love the A5 but gotta admit that
4 Series is looking pretty sweet too.

Musa Alsayegh says:

Did he just compare the last A5 with new 4-series? I mean the A5 already
had its ass wiped to the floor by the old gen 3-series coupe.

Jasper Chang says:

Looks like a polished match box

Alex Pascutia says:

Dat beard thoooo

autoxerwgn says:

That beard is awesome!

arion45 says:

I love watching hipsters do reviews.

Sebastian Rosenberg says:

That’s the engine from GTI but A5′s way heavier.

justin bouche says:

love audi, but a bmw, or caddy would be a better choice. this just seems
like it dated quickly. 

anjoLas says:

what´s with that douchebag bear ?

quietguy1948 says:

My question would have to do with everyday maintenance costs… if like the
VW, it’s gonna be high, which detracts, in addition to the steep buy-in.

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