2014 Audi A6 2.0T Premium Review – TEST/DRIVE

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Matt Farah reviews the 2014 Audi A6 2.0T Premium. Scored by all TEST/DRIVE hosts.


jayfulf says:

Mathew Farah how can you honestly think “the E-class is not very pretty”? I
believe Chris Harris mentioned he liked the E550 over the respective Audi
but hey, to each their own.

/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) says:

There’s a pattern developing with these new TEST/DRIVE reviews. Look back
through all the reviews and here what they say. All the conclusions, all
the filming, it’s all the same. If you took out the actual name of the car
itself then the ‘exact’ same commentary used in this video could just as
easily be used for every single TEST/DRIVE video put out so far this year!
I’m not hating on this channel, it’s one of my favourites but these videos,
as I said in a previous post, just seem like adverts paid for by the big
car companies with an agreement that nothing really negative is allowed to
be said. Disappointing! As for the car, in this guise at least, it seems
very underwhelming. 

netrioter says:

for another 2 grand…you can get it with the 306 hp 3.0 supercharged
V6…power problem solved

Sunyata says:

“Their gauges are really good.” lol What DOES that mean, Matt? It would
be nice to know. Audi is making this car to meet the tightening CAFE fuel
mileage standards, and to up-sell a buyer to their V6 versions. People will
drive the 2.0T and think what most of us think, “Meh. A buzzy motor for
$53k. I’d rather spend another 10 grand and get a real motor.” Which is
exactly what Audi expects to happen. :-)

Keyes Audi says:

Thinking of purchasing a 2014 Audi A6? See why it’s ‘Highly Recommended’ by
Matt Farah and DRIVE in their brilliant review of the Audi A6.

suomiauto says:

In this class, Audi really is the best.

MrArt69 says:

Is it really AWD ? AWD Audis ussually say Quattro somewhere…

Danny O. says:

I’d like to see them review the BRZ/FRS twins.

nHeroGo says:

DRIVE is making great reviews nowadays. 

Riles07 says:

for $53,000+ a 2.0T is a pretty goddamn weak engine. 

MidiPara says:

In aus I can get a rwd sedan with high feature v6 gm engine putting out
210kw and 390nm of tq for 20k two ye old

Toxxic88 says:

New E classes are beautiful.. the model it just replaced though I agree
wasn’t the looker

thom si says:

new format suck hard. stop doing this shit. 5min vid 2 on score. so 3 for a
review on a car. id loved the 2013 drive, but now its rly useless. its like
anothers reviews, at least the quality of video is good, but thats all.

Rauf Zero says:

I would say 3.0 TFSI fit perfectly in this class. Nice shortview.

snarwars says:

The people who say the A6 looks less appealing than an E class probably
havnt seen many A6′s in person. They are really eye catching especially the
curvaceous rear end! Pictures may prove otherwise though.

Richard Swensson says:

I hate that gear shifter. Looks good on a ’78 Porsche 928, not on a car
made nearly 40 years later.

Masterlostfreaky says:

This is a great car!! From me, as a european, the mileage would be a reason
why i would choose the 2.0T over the 3.0…. and 200 hp are still enough to
drive silly fast, which americans cant do, so why would u rather take the
car that costs you more…. and why would u take a a6 out to the track?
then youd need to have a the rs6 or s6 at least.

Anders Kristensen says:

Get it remapped, then you are probably looking at 260 hp at all 4 wheels
and 300nm. I got the older engine, the 1.8T instead in an A3 chassis,
remapped to 220 hp. That is plenty of power for an 1100 kilo daily driver 2
door hatchback, with reasonable fuel economy.

But get it remapped, it really makes the engine come to life.

Great review btw Matt

Akio Morte says:

I don’t understand the “Must Have” rating. Is it similar to “must see” or
“must listen” as applied to movies and music? 

fishtankfreak says:

“Absolutely recommend it” – But it only scored 1 percent over average?

Mr89supraTT says:

Quattro better than symmetrical all wheel drive? I don’t know about that. 

Justinaadu says:

It’s a good looking car but it’s pretty boring looking. The interior is
really nice, I love the pop up screen, but exterior I would rather have the

MonsterApology says:

what about this car compared to the e250 diesel. Theyre about the same

Marine475 says:

These are nice cars but there is pattern with them. They work flawlessly up
to about 150 000 – 200 000 km and then they start to develop failures which
makes them cheaper to sell for 10-20% of original price than to maintain
them. It’s same thing with BMW and MB.


it loocks lame and ugly and its fwd
its rubbish

darwandoo says:

Stop all your bitching comments! Go eat a sandwich drink a glass of milk do
fucking something. Oh wait go get a job. These videos are here for our
enjoyment, not for grown men acting like little bitches. Haters are a new
breed online that we can all do without.
Jealously is a powerful emotion that clouds our judgments. Be happy for
Matt because every comment really means we wish we were him. I know I’d do
almost anything to be in his shoes. Keep it coming, as I will continue to
bring in more subscribers. Cheers. 

seanteixeria92 says:

LOL dumb fat ass think this looks better than the new E-class 

GOBbluthagain says:

i really dislike this new format… too short … go back to previous

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