2014 Audi A6 – Chad & Dan In Depth Review | Audi Jacksonville – Hanania Automotive

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MrAnonymule says:

You two look like a couple of bouches

efthimios says:


Lee Hoon says:

Audi should make the instrument cluster glass(plastic) more scratch
resistant. I tried cleaning mine and ended up with ugly scratch
marks….fix it Audi!!

ray smith says:

those are not LED headlights

Rambo Zhong says:

Very good music, like action movie! I like you guys!

Hanania Automotive TV says:

Very good review guys. I really enjoyed your style. 

DragosDreS says:

Guess which of them is a fan of West Bound Down!

JS2Tango says:

Dude clean your fingernails! :S

Hanania Automotive TV says:

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