2014 Audi A6 Review

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Browse our inventory of new Audi A6s: http://goo.gl/LRBLmY The 2014 Audi A6 spans the largest gap in the Audi lineup. It is inexpensive enough to tempt A4 bu…


rmartino631 says:

Vehicle choice for michael de santa! (Gta 5)

Wonkawiz says:

I’m definitely buying this as a family car now. Nice review. 

TimboSlice083 says:

Great videos. Setting the standard for others.

OfficialAudiMV says:

@Ho Ty, sorry I could not reply directly to you as your comment is linked.
The 2.0T A6 comes standard with 17″ wheels. You can add the “Style Package”
for $1,500 that adds the 18″ wheels and Xenon / LED Headlights. For an
additional $800 you can step up to 19″ wheels. (19″ wheels require Style

gurwant singh says:

Is there coming any facelift of the a6 for 2015? or will it be the same.
Thinking of buying one,but if there is a facelift then i will wait, let me
know. Thanx in advance :-)


If you don’t mind me asking, which car do you drive?

João Araújo says:

best review i’ve seen of this car!

Frank Dean says:

Great presentation, I watched all your videos, which contains all the
details about the cars. I definitely like the technology of Audi, but
Audi’s DNA design is quit the same, I don’t see a very obvious difference
among family’s member design, both exterior and interior. Maybe someday
Audi will be improved in design that impress me.

Andy Taylor says:

awesome vid man

pacco2012 says:

Nice review man :)


Love the Wolverine look !!

AJ Foxx says:

This is by far the best car overview video I have ever seen!!! Please
review the Audi A7 next!

James Lee says:

I must say I really enjoyed this video. I own a 2013 A6 2.0 Quattro
Premium Plus, and I’m thinking about upgrading to the Prestige 3.0. The
only suggestion I might add for future videos, is a discussion on the
adaptive cruise and maybe a little more info on the lighting package, both
interior and exterior. But still a VERY good video. Heck, I didn’t
realize I had the grocery bag hangers in my truck until I saw this, so

santiago v says:

i have probably watched and dug information for the past few weeks totaling
about lets say 4 hours… this 30 mins explained more that i have gotten
from those 4 hours. really helpful thank you

zackariah gill says:

I LOVED this video subscribed

Christopher Caporale says:

Great Video! My question is though when will we the next generation A4 hit
the showroom? I am in a 2 year lease(Infiniti, which sucks) and I can’t
wait to get back into the A4. Its up in August of 2015. Do you think it
would be out by then? Also in your opinion what are some of the new
features it will include? I recently saw the 2015 A3 and couldn’t believe
all the new and available options they offer in the entry level car. Do you
think any additional options will be available that are not currently in
the a4?

Rafael Huerta says:

You make the best videos by far. Great use of words and language. You could
easily review every car out there.

Ho Ty says:

Nice job! Wanna know if those 18 inch rims on the 2.0 A6 come standard or
not. If it’s optional, how much extra is needed for a change? Also do these
A6 have interior ambient lighting and LED reading lights as standard? Many

Joseph Waldrup says:

Great reviews as usual.

SuperSani87 says:

Nice video! Already own a Prestige A6 but this video taught me stuff I
didn’t even know! 

speedygaurav7 says:

i think you are most comprehensive in ur video than any other i have ever
seen. i will buy my car from ur dealership

ceilonyc says:

Thank you for the quick replay and detailed information. You are certainly
more knowledgable then the sales rep I dealt with when I leased my Audi A4.
He told me the Audi concert system was Bose with out the badges on the
speaker. He didn’t mention anything about the difference in speakers or
sub. During my last maintenance check I was given a 2013 A4 loaner car with
the B&O speaker system. For the few hours I had it I really couldn’t tell
the difference. But then again I didn’t raise the volume to much. But I’ll
make sure to give it a good test when I lease my next Audi. With regards to
the features, will the A4 be receiving the following: Folding mirrors,
Heads up display, heated steering wheel, streaming music via Bluetooth, USB
charging ports (my friends BMW 3 series has a few), folding rear seats (my
A4 does not have this feature). Thank you in advance for your feedback –
Richard M. 

ThatGuyNamedScott. C says:

Great video, did you guys know here in Britain we call ours different?
Like we Have SE, Sport, S-Line, Black Edition

ceilonyc says:

Excellent video! Are any of these features going to appear in the a4? Is
the Audi concert system a Bose system? I was told by a sales rep that it is
Bose with out the badging. 

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