2014 Audi A6 Start Up and Review 3.0 L Supercharged V6

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Camerons Car Reviews says:
Ben Sullivan says:

Can you review the 2015 Cadillac Escalade and CTS?

Wan Muhammad Video Productions says:

Beautiful indepth review! My suggestions to improve your video: Just like
the Redline Review with 2theredline, you should close the door before
starting the engine. And your videos should call it as eg. Camerons Car
Reviews: Audi A6.

Hope this works for you!

Sung Woo says:

Great review. Like!

ACEcolorado1 says:

Audi is so good with details like the beautiful engine layout and look of
the engine bay overall. There should definitely be stitching to add a bit
of pizzaz to the interior

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