2014 Audi A6 TDI vs. 2014 BMW 535d xDrive

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Diesel luxury sedan shootout http://www.autoguide.com/car-comparisons/2014-audi-a6-tdi-vs-bmw-535d-3756.html Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/subscription_ce…


fagazi says:

This car would cost like 150k in denmark

colenbrak says:

hehehe i always recognize the locations that you guys shoot at

Angel K.N says:

Can you give me ONE reason why someone shouldn’t buy a modern diesel car?
Especially given all their benefits.

Cameron Tu says:

I’m a little drunk. Is it silly that my mind is blown away by the fact that
the 535d has that much more torque than HP? Normally the numbers are pretty
normalized.. Something to do with diesel?

Rodo Sobarzo says:

Audi interiors are the best in the world. Period

armondm says:

Good grief these cars have really lost their way….they aren’t cars
anymore…just gimmicks on 4 wheels…oversized, overpriced, over powered

nick p says:

Damn near 30 G’s for a really well equipped luxury sedan, jeez. 

n8neiTen8n says:

Of course gasoline! At leas R6, but the bigger the better! Take an M5 :)

basketball798 says:

Lol I’d buy 2 Camry’s before I’d buy these shit machines

Amon Amarth Rules says:

It is impossible to watch this without wanting to punch that guy in the

Bryce Hale says:

Both of these cars pale in comparison to a Tesla which is about the same
price as these loaded models

Uncle Rico says:

Dudes lisp is annoying, of all people why is he a car reviewer

slabsides1 says:

Now do a head to head of the 535d xDrive and MB E-Class clean diesel 4

Michael Zubritsky says:

D bag vs D bag

Yippie says:

Ooooutty A6, Canada Eh?

CE750 says:

I’ve got just one thing to say…. I6 > V6 all day long… 

venom5809 says:

Night vision is useless? What a load of crap. If you drive a lot and drive
in rural areas that are not well lit and have lots of deer and so on, night
vision is a godsend. To make a carte blanche statement like that is kind of
dumb. Just because you don’t want it or don’t use it does not mean others
don’t or that it would not be useful for some people. 

Neal Patel says:

You guys have convinced me on the new diesel technology. BMW M5 it is! 

hnnotyy says:

I’ll take an Audi before a BMW.

jorge arevalo says:

Nice car but seriously BMW can’t fully line the trunk with padding for
$75,000+ what a joke I’ve seen better trunk fit and finish on a Chrysler

bloodpig101 says:

…the 535d has 313 hp.?? …the 530d has 255 hp.?? BTW these cars are
autobahnkillers and on the autobahn they’re great.

Ernad Grudic says:

Just fucking hate americans talking about german cars, buy a fucking
pontiac and drive it in to a river..

Christopher Mills says:

I like the start/stop button near the gear lever. Like a Saab. Makes
sense as it is right next to the 2 things you do after you press the

Karsten Pedersen says:

I’m not familiar with Audi and BMW’s marketing in the US.
But it seems very very odd, that you’d use such old engines in new cars.

In most of Europe Audi doesnt even offer the 3 litre petrol you mentioned
anymore, the new 3 litre bi-turbo TDI is just so good, loads of power, huge
amounts of torque and twice the range of the petrol version.
And it makes a glorious sound, thanks to an active exhaust system.

Same goes for BMW, in Europe the 35d engine is over 300 hp aswell.

Maybe it’s because americans doesnt care about diesels and fuel economy,
with your cheap cars and cheap fuel ?

But have a look at the euro versions if you get a chance, they’re simply
much better,

MrSimon Coward says:


sergio skik says:

fuck presenters gays.. the bmw e39 is the best

J Koch says:

To say the Audi diesel sounds like a tractor is unfair and the height of
hyperbole. Once the bonnet is closed, the diesel clatter of the TDI is
practically nonexistent. 

Lyndon Underwood says:

Haha, as if an American interior can come anywhere close to the bmws. You
lost me at “king ranch F150″. What a joke. 

Alban Memedi says:

the a6 is the better one

Dragoescu Cosmin says:

diesel is not for america!
so fuck u! 

Alfred Dunhill says:

sounds like a bmw fanboy reviewer 

Bryan Adames says:

the A6 is not car of the year for nothing

zhiarw says:

which i thhhhhhhhhh

joner800 says:

i havent even started the video yet, but standing still the audi is sooooo
much sexier!

Brian FitzGerald says:

Ooowdi vs. BM-Doowble-Yu.

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