2014 Audi A7 Review – The only car you need

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www.audiannarbor.com Like us on Facebook! www.facebook.com/vehiclevirgins 2014 Audi A7 $67290 3L S/C V6 310hp 325 ft-lbs 4300lbs 0-60: 5.4s 18 city 28 highw…


Winding Road Magazine says:

Thought I recognized Ann Arbor in some of your videos!

Vehicle Virgins says:

We are in love with the A7! 

Michael Ford says:

Another awesome video

TheBimmer23 says:

Great review, like alwase, but I can’t get over the fact That you emphasize
the beauty of the car. I think it’s quite ugly. Everyone has their own

Robert Alexander says:

Great review guys keep up the good work!

vrsca89 says:

I don’t know, in my opinion the A7 is the ugly kid of the Audi family, but
still a lot nicer than a lot of other cars. 

Mike Tseng says:

U lift. 

Dom Toretto says:

a7 is boring :/

Yu Michael says:

Woah, why is the base price 100k? Are you guys in Canada?

Caleb Hill says:

Great review, once again!

Steelers86860 says:

What song is playing in the background?

Nicholas Jabbour says:


Andy Zhang says:

Hey Vehicle Virgins. I have a suggestion. Since you guys are focused on
cars for younger people, could you guys make a video of the best
“enthusiasts” cars for people are are in college? Have a budget set around
twenty grand. Im currently looking for a vehicles under 20 grand thats fun
to drive and something parents might approve of. New/used is fine. Thanks!

sony55eric says:

Even know that that is a great car i would buy a Ford F350 instead ;)


A7 is beautiful

linkxx11 says:

Whoa… that wood trim is beautiful. I’ve always had an intense love/hate
with these large coupes, like the CLS and 6-Series. Hell, depending on what
year the car is I’d either love the CLS or hate it and same with the 6.
Also I love that hatchback-like opening trunk. I’d kill to have a CLS63,
M6, and an RS7 all in my garage :P

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