2014 Audi A7 TDI Review – MPG Road Test (with 0-60 MPH)

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A week with the 2014 Audi A7 TDI – King of the Fuel Efficient AWDs. Of the hundreds of cars I’ve tested over the past seven years, the A7 TDI is one of my al…


igotwhips says:

Great review. I’m curious why there is no Diesel Hybrid out there yet.

turbo2.0_274269 says:

Looks like a video saved and put up. Colder weather. Great reviews as
always keep it up. 

jeffrey625625 says:

do they have an option in settings to turn that satellite nav off? can we
get a basic map view?

Trades46 says:

I personally love the Audi A7; I think it’s their best looking 4dr car by
And with Quattro AWD (Canadian winters are scary) 400+lb/ft torque & fuel
economy that would make an Accord blush, it’s the absolute perfect car.

Now if it wasn’t so freaking expensive…

pedrof830 says:

That screen looks as if was added as an afterthought!

pedrof830 says:

Dan, great to see you back doing what you love to do!

gene978 says:

Hey Dan, GREAT VIDEO! At least you got to ENJOY the Car for a while. We had
to WATCH IN ENVY! lol. Nice to see REAL WORLD MPG. Hey the Base Gas model
according to Edmunds sells for $62K. I know, I know that’s 2 loaded
Accords. Maybe we can buy one a few years old for cheap Dan. Say $40K?

quasar15 says:

Are you still with Autobytel? Any other cars you will review soon? Was
wondering if you’ve reviewed the mirage yet.

kenbefound says:

LOL, like you Dan I should have gone to medical school as well, lol. I read
somewhere or maybe you mentioned it on one of your earlier videos that
MPG’s with diesels will improve greatly as the engine ages. Although I
think this is true of most engines…

Jeremy Good says:

Ok. I’m jealous!

Scott Campbell says:


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