2014 Audi A7 TDI Test Drive & Diesel Car Video Review

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http://www.autobytel.com/audi/a7/2014/3-0-tdi/?id=32972 New for 2014 is a diesel powered A7. The Audi A7 is a big, beautiful, spacious sports sedan with an A…


Schmidt McGready says:

Hey! Can you gift me this car? :( 

mr bad example says:

now that you posted your review, tomorrow morning, knock knock, we want our
car back!

Bookillzslowly562 says:

Ha he said it’s a cool thing to show the neighbors lol

Dr. Madness says:

Great review! Very well produced!

J Koch says:

If I had $80K lying around, THIS is the car I would buy. Gorgeous looks,
fantastic build quality and excellent fuel economy. What’s not to love?!

sgtcojonez says:

This was a surprisingly entertaining review. Great job!

Josh Anderson says:

My dream car atm 

fauzi hassan says:

i’m happy with my BMW…..

Narrowc ross says:

I stopped watching when he said the steering is good

Ruhul Amin says:

yours mp3′s sound amazing… says a lot really. 

Kutsal Kaynak says:

Fantastic car and review!

gene978 says:

That really is very Impressive economy and the price of $2500 over the gas
engine is not bad. Considering in 1981 I paid a $1200 premium for a Diesel
Upgrade on a GM ill-fated and only got 28 HWY. MPG and blown Fuel injectors
with in the first year plus lost 4th in the tranny. And I insisted I wanted
a Diesel! I paid $12,900 and I couldn’t get $5000 trade in a month later.
Thanks GM! 

Anfre Graha says:

it is a fucking diesal

xanderxenius says:

Nice diesels starts to show on the us market, im used to diesels living in
EU and they surely have something to offer compared to Benzin / gasoline. I
love the torc and the ability to pull with low revs and of course the

Farid Yaghoubi says:

wow this guy is more fun than the car itself!

dschonsie says:

A very entertaining review. Well done, mr gold. 

Ralph says:

Great review. 

Kelvon 499 says:

The short guy is back!

Daniel Dante says:

love your reviews man!

rdrrua says:

Is it the same 3.0 TDI that VAG installs on Touareg’s and Porsche on
Cayennes? If yes – it’s kind of old

Daniel Costa says:

Very good review

Justin L says:

Ur awesome mr. Gold. Ur like the audi a7 of car reviewers

SaiafFilms says:

As always, what a fantastic review. You do a great job on being straight to
the point, being informative, and showing us everything in a good amount of
time. I appreciate it greatly and see that others do too. Keep up the great

ngqabutho moyo says:

i watch reviews from motortrend , tflcar, everyman driver, top gear,
motormouth etc but autobytel ‘s Aaron Gold is the BEST!

Dali Lama says:

Milage is not impressive for that price as well as the power figures. If
this is diesel numbers from a Lemans dominating company than I’ll stick
with a Tesla any time!

david dykeman says:

Leg room is decent? Really?

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