2014 Audi Q5 Review – Including Pricing

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Browse our Audi Q5 inventory: http://goo.gl/xDQok9 The 2014 Audi Q5 is easily our fastest selling model in the current Audi lineup. From it’s excellent cargo…


Aswin Kumar says:

Excellent review. Narration was great. I watched lots of Q5 review on
Youtube and this one’s the best. Keep up the good work.

Howard Parr says:

Superb job in explaining the car and its features. I’ve had numerous Audi
models, currently own an Allroad, and am awaiting a Q5 TDI. You cover
every concern a buyer would have, explain them thoroughly, and your closing
comment about a point bump on the residual with Audi-Care is indispensable
information. Really well done, thank you.

Henry Wu says:

anybody knows what is the color for this car? brilliant or phantom black?

Gilbert Hernandez says:

I just love this guy he certainly knows his Stuff the best narrator thus
far I have to agree with Andy!

Andy Taylor says:

this guy’s a great narrator 

alex59ba says:

Q5 3.0TDI for $46,500 … you can only dream about this price tag in EU

John S says:

can you start the engine with the FOB in your pocket or must it be inserted
into the opening in the dash ?

Systolic120mmHg says:

To be honest I don’t like the shape of the LED front light on the Q5. I
really like the A series LED shapes more

Pop Daniel says:

Audi Q5 is the best car in the world.

Nguyen Thinh says:

I’m in awe with the technology

Vaibhav Mathur says:

What will be the cost of the tdi model in indian currency… ( including
tax )

B19T4R says:

Excellent review!! but you didn’t mention how tall you are for rear seat
legroom purposes?

magellanmax says:

The Audi Care Package used to be a great selling point, too bad they
withdrew it and charge $850. But it’s still worth the money anyway.

entei5000 says:

the best review on youtube!

jabuendia57 says:

Q5 is the best choice

Kave Man says:

My wife got the Q7 TDI S line in July, I was going to get the S4. Salesman
told me the Q5 was getting the TDI engine and I was like “I’m in”. Ended up
with the Prestige TDI model and absolutely love it. Didn’t get the S line
version, couldn’t spend another $3500. The wife’s care handles better
because of the S line but mine rides a lot smoother. Excellent review, I
watched it to see if I had forgotten what it all comes with. One thing I do
like that he didn’t mention is the built in Hard Drive that I use for
music. You can just push the button and say “track” and then say “Time”,
and it will start playing Time from Pink Floyd. Awesome!

bokkey45 says:

The thing that gets me is you can find a backup camera in a $15,000 base
model Honda Civic, but in a $40,000 luxury SUV, you need to “step up” to
get a backup camera. Nice car though. 

vinaypulsar says:

To the point, clear and concise. Excellent review!

ronson66 says:

One of the best car presentations/ reviews on youtube 

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