2014 Audi Q5 Video Review — Edmunds.com

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This Audi Q5 video review includes information about its many models, including the 2.0T, 3.0T, Hybrid, diesel-powered TDI and the high-performance SQ5. Also included are pricing, fuel economy,…


harjeet singh says:

What I do not understand about reviewers is why they fail to mention the
big japanese luxury player Lexus in the competition. When it comes to any
class all the german rivals are mentioned but never Lexus and rarely do I
see Acura, although I don’t consider Acura as a full blown luxury brand. I
mean you could have mentioned the RX which is great. I saw an S class
video and they never ever mentioned the Lexus LS which is a competitor and
is one the leading full size luxury sales leaders. It might not be sporty
but it is a great luxury car. 

Matthau San says:

I thought the diesel was a 3.0 L turbo six that makes 240hp and 400+ torque

OneOfOne says:

poorly edited. we dont need 2 views of the reviewer. we need more views of
the vehicle. youre not trying to be cool. youre trying to convince us to

Teddy Park says:

The TDI is a 3.0 turbo diesel 6 cylinder

himakgam says:

unsubscribed. i need t see the car, not you

foxxmufasa says:

though i like the camera angles of the reviewer, this is a car review…
show more of the car and reviewer driving it

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