2014 Audi Q7 – Chad & Dan Full In Depth Review | Jacksonville, FL – Hanania Automotive

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Pejota K says:

How do you get to the third row seat? Seems like the passengers have to
jump over the second row seat. Does the second row move forward so
passengers can access the third row?

ProteanView says:

One of my fave SUVs but this thing has looked the same since it was
released. Audi has gained so much traction, especially where I live. They
better come up w/a redesign real soon. The Q7 is starting to look a little
long in the tooth.

gadgetdude38 says:

Do you know why Audi didn’t equip the q7 with push button start and smart

Ap0caLyPSe972 says:

Gorgeous is not enough to describe the Q7 <3

rihohv says:

Fuel consumption just kills the point of this vehicle as town car 95%
people living in cities, U.S excluded.

adom fluff says:

whats with porn music super nature lol

pankaj dogra says:

My dream Car .. Few days left to drive !!

Steelasophical Steel Band says:

<3 it!! Audi Q7

adom fluff says:

q7 seems boring soccer moms car

Eric Pe says:

skip the cheesy music. cheapens your work.

townrumor says:

No push start❓

Yifei Zhang says:

…why the guy have to talk like that…wtf

shannon w says:

Worst video ever


Film more of the car and features and less of your pretty face. Just

Tom Roughan says:

Nice car and im diging the Deltron 3030 in the background.

loloxych says:

I like the style of dude with sunglasses :D Nice Review! subscribed

Hanania Automotive TV says:

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