2014 Audi Q7 Premium Plus Review.

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Sorry for the pathetic a.d.d. aspects of this review. This was filmed per request in the comments. Any specific questions are welcome and a video can be made…


Mark R says:

Not a big fan of the Q7 interior but good review. 

Umberto Fellinni says:

Very very Poor. Full shit. Nothing can be seen, the picture blurry, the
camera shakes

legoboy12p (Ilovelegos) says:

Omg so many stupid dislikes.

Mark Garcia says:

Audi Q7 is great but I would have to say that it is kinda following the
paths of porsche Cayenne. If price would be the determining factor in
choosing this over cayenne, you should look out for the platinum edition as
it has highlighted a lot of features but its cheaper. You can check this
Porsche Cayenne Platinum Review

xBuzz996 says:

thanks mate for uploading!! I like that you review the stuff that other
reviewers won’t review. Noticed one thing, you don’t have the alcantara
seats, how come? And one more thing, make sure to light the area you are
filming, it’s really important! ^^ Liked and subscribed!

day3002 says:

too dark.

levinson dsouza says:

Thnks dude for thereview of audi q7… liked u being so honest…. 

Mohammed Hafeez T.H. says:

Great Review..Got to see how the interior lighting looks like in darkness.
Got a question, though. Do you recommend to wait for the 2015 Q7, or get
the current model – what do you think? The 2015 model is at least a year’s
wait, I guess!

Ronald Cortez says:

how does it ride when it runs over bumps on the road? it is pretty smooth?
oh yeah i believe 2015 q7 will be different.

Fahad Dahiru Mangal says:

When is audi bringing out the Q7 next generation

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