2014 Audi R8 V10 Plus Review

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Forget Aston Martin, the Audi R8 V10 Plus should be James Bond’s car. It perfectly matches his personality. It’s good looking and sophisticated, but be caref…


AutoGuide.com says:

We had LOTS of fun filming this video last summer. It’s definitely worth a


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vivalaphill says:

i hate everyone that says its a lambo engine !!!

KrewbaccaxR says:

2:18 wtf was that? lol Secondly 0-60 in 3.3? The RS7 does 0-60 in 3.2.

Sti4IyF says:

Godzilla would rape this car even though its a v6

EuropeansCars says:

Pretty sweet car

BaCoN GaMeS says:

Please tell me what the name of this song 0:33

joaquin sierralta says:

sorry… but wouldnt own one even if i got the money… 

vivalaphill says:

the cupholders suck -> No way to critizise anything else….

Chris Mahar says:

So in other words, we’re almost looking at a car designed for people who
cant afford a Gallardo. Not a bad step down honestly

Scott Campbell says:

cheap interior.

Rich Hudson says:

I think I’m in love

Health&Soul says:

I hope I can afford an R8 V10 one day since my other dream car the Ford GT
is probably going to just keep getting more expensive.

Baseballswag911 says:

Sexiest car of the century that look just can’t get old. Kudos to the
designer of the R8

ggah97 says:

now compare it to nissan gtr

Congaman41 says:

Im a happy owner of the R8 V10 Plus. Good review but I really dont agree
that the suspension should be to stiff. The roads around my place is full
of post holes still no problem with the Plus. Naturally not as soft as an
A6 but nor is it to stiff. Very easy to use as a daily driver even on ruff

ralniv says:

I’d take an R8 V10 Plus over a 911 GT3 any day of the week. The aural
splendor and curvaceous exterior are miles better.

MLegend says:

I bought this car last week I love it

Deng VVeiye says:

the 911 turbo s actually cost more then the r8 plus

Jim Williams says:

It looks good in RED. However, the cup holders suck. Not my words… lol

Sumit Paul says:



Neymar bought AUDI R8.

vtecnegro85 says:

5.2 liter v10 still makes less power than Ferraris 4.5 v8(speciale) 

Anderson C says:

Nissan GTR!! :)

r3g3n3s1s says:

You first mate.

Mbaze Pashtufu says:

So many things wrong with that statement… But I’ll address them anyway.
First, why would you want a car with 4 seats and a huge engine? It’s not
like families are looking to buy a supercar. Second, the Catholic Church is
in Italy, not Germany.

psgakm4 says:

Thanks..impressive the audi can be 4 sec faster than that beast..

CrAzzYDeViL99 says:

does the corvette stingray 2014 beat this car? if so how much more. please

Brittany McGaw says:

this car reminds me of a bugatti..

Jerry Yang says:

First time first!

Fussinated says:

“it’s not about speed you idiot” Of course, it is NOT. But it is about
getting screwed in style. 100K for the car and the rest is crewing you in
the name of providing you a prestige. This is an ugly overpriced car. If
you like to be screwed and call that screw stylish with a European badge on
it of course it is your call. And, you can smile to the salesman as much as
you like while he is screwing you and selling you this piece of shit.

Ara J says:

S8 0-60 in 3.5 seconds …..R8 in 3.3 …..I would go for the most
luxurious S8

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