2014 Audi R8 V10 Plus vs. 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo

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A Spring fling with two of the world’s finest all-weather sports cars http://www.autoguide.com/car-comparisons/2014-porsche-911-turbo-vs-audi-r8-v10-plus-386…


888TopGear888 says:

The R8 is for new money people, the 911 is for people who buy a super car
to enjoy it, not just to show it off

Marshall Street says:

Isn’t Porsche owned by Volkswagen/Audi? Or aren’t they partners? I could’ve
sworn there is a connection.

Romario Sulaiman says:

I choose turning heads.

Skyler91 says:

Are both the ones you tested RWD or AWD?

KidWeazel says:

LOL a turn key start system is not a disadvantage imo it adds more
character to the car and seems less like an appliance.

justin smith says:

they act like th e911 doesn’t turn heads i assure you it will turn just as
many and unlike the audi it has 50 years of heritage and refinement under
its belt

vvysoc says:

Its shallow to get a car just because it turns heads. Car are like women,
not everybody wants a girl that is flashy, look at me type. If you are not
happy with yourself before you get your dream car, that dream car won’t
make you happy in the long run. That is why people keep on buying the
latest thing to get that quick buzz and thinking they will finally be

justin smith says:

for me i would pick the turbo. I have seen both in person and idc what
anyone says the 911 looks just as exotic the r8 looked plain to me the
porsche is faster and more usable plus its cheaper and will be more

Nicholas Wigchert says:

Honestly. F the porsche. 150k for a car that looks just like the one thats
1/2 the price. Don’t lie to yourself. The 911 doesn’t look much different
from the boxster or the cayman. I’ll take the one thats got the engine from
the $300thousand lambo instead of the $85 911 carrera…..

Michael Gomez says:

“an Odi?” wow

Jack says:

Noticed this is not the turbo s. Plus vs turbo. 

i24kilzz says:

Lol people following you around becuase you have an R8. I would love to
have that someday :p 

Terry Khan says:

I like when 911 farts!

ellomirza says:

Is that an innovative front lip or are you just happy to see me?

securityr1 says:

I think it’s all about preference and character… these days reviews are
about how well the tires stick. fuck that… it’s about what you want and
how it sounds

ewt415 says:

Anybody who has owned a car before would know that the “turning heads”
factor, while it will feel great in the beginning, gets incredibly old and
sometimes even obnoxious, and it’s what’s underneath the car that makes you
want to keep the car. With that said, however, the Turbo could really use
some additional noise.

Georgi Trifonov says:

911 – better, faster, more practical…

Mr Jameson says:

i’ll take the porsche, just not in that color. a different colored porsche
would turn more heads than that audi

MIke Mancino says:

IMO the perfect car. performs well, looks great and sounds great. not just
to be great at one of those things. i cannot stand the sound of that 911
turbo or lack there of sound. i am paying 150+ for either car i want a V10

Cur8or88 says:

Turning laps.

J.C VenomDrifter says:

R8 mmmm

FlugLP says:

Audi is the best car

Zohirul Islam Jewel says:

Both of these car’s are nice but, they’re both getting old.

maxmavrick7 says:

Turning laps :) always 

grabir01 says:

Porsche is Reliable. Audi.. Not so sure.. Every time MY sister climbs into
your Audi she finds another bolt laying on the floor board and then calls
me for help. I am tired of it.

ganuv says:

the audi is a more head turner then the 911!! lolololololololol this guy
is a fucking joke!!!!!!!!!!!!

efrain kennedy says:

Porsche all day… This generation Porsche really are one of the best of
all time!

vidsbfree4me says:

Who said Porsche was willing to loan a “Turbo S?” I’m sure they are
grateful for whatever they get besides, when was last time you saw a
Porsche commercial? Right, they don’t need one or a magazine advertisement
for that matter, these beast sell themselves! 

Deng VVeiye says:

why not turbo s

ganuv says:

the 911 is way better then the audi in every aspect! and that’s not even
the type s 911 turbo. these 2 are complete morons that know nothing about

smartalmos95 says:

Turning heads?! Lol give me a break its a matter of taste. The new 991
looks gorgeous in person but in photos its not that good. I prefer the 911
bc its a drivers car and its all about driving pleasure. Its a Bentley, a
Camry, and a Gt-R at the same time. Its a real car.

Shady Ard says:

Audi interior is a killer !!! LOVE IT 

Timothy Redd says:

The audi is still good despite it’s age

Mike A. says:

That Audi is my kind of car! All-motor, old school turn key, high revving,
loud and beautiful V-10 sound.

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