2014 Audi R8 V10 Plus – WR TV POV City Drive

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2014 Audi R8 V10 Plus Price: $179645 (base) / $197795 (as tested) Engine: 5.2-liter direct injected V10 Output: 550hp / 398lb-ft 0-60mph: 3.3 seconds On Sa…


Winding Road Magazine says:

Read our Driven review on the Audi R8 V10 Plus here:

Winding Road Magazine says:

See the canyon POV Test Drive here: 2014 Audi R8 V10 Plus – WR TV POV
Canyon Drive

Jake says:

All of that money for a gorgeous car, but it doesn’t have a push button
start. My Ford Fiesta Titanium has a push button start. 

basszound says:

Audi RS6

4.2 liter, 560 HP
0-60mph: 3.9

About the same top speed so whats the difference lol

FyFamily says:

does it have an optional manual transmission?

batllemaster says:

the engine is Lamborghini

Toño C.A. says:

Who saw the Tesla at 3:46 and also which state of the US is this?

Aaron Su says:

My dream car, but the interior needs update, outdated.

Bright Soundz says:

R8 vs GTR … GO! 

CivilAviation1 says:

New microphone? Audio quality sound better than before.

iCravethis says:

It would be great if this were a night drive in the city.

Scenexx says:

Can you do the Mercedes Slk250 or 350

Zachary Ong says:

mmmmmmm yes

TheEryk03 says:

Thanks. My favorite supercar 

BallerG1000 says:

can you guys please do the 2014 porsche 911 GT3 next?!?! pretty please?

jodh goodwill says:

Really nice videos you guys make usually the go pro mic sound is really
distorted but you guys nah so keep it up and if you could do a nissan gtr
with any loud exhaust thanks 

ThatAlexKid says:

Freaking awesome video!

Carson Schalk says:

The 2014 R8s are something to die for, especially the V10+ But that
interior is enough for me… I absolutely love the quilted seats and the
gauges and how they are lit. Always quality with Audis! #WantAnR8

Luís Teixeira says:

i like the interior but i don’t the extirior.

Диванный иксперд! Срочно вводить войска! says:

WOW! NICE!!! That is the proper video… Not a boring highway cruise…

Rafael C. says:

Will there be more of this car?

klaas huntelaar says:

2:47 dammmmn

sobewisdom says:

ride seems harsh with alot of bumpiness.

Sanic says:

Seems like a lot of road noise.

Jelle Koorn says:

You have a very nice garage

RickyJnum1FAN says:

you love angeles crest dont you

RoG GameR says:

Make a test-drive lamborghini aventador.

Mustangs and stuff says:

200k luxury supercar, no push button start….

Alexandre Lebeau says:

Thanks for the great content you put out every week ! Keep it up guys

AJP DaMan says:

Make more of these city drives!

Infinite Space says:

That is a beautiful color for the R8.

Stanimirovic Mihailo says:

Make a video driving at night! 

Gary Bowden says:

2014 Acura MDX 2:42

Kyle Belouin says:

You wouldn’t even know its a V10 when driving it sensibly. Love it!

Jorge Rocha says:

Muy fome

LxusGS says:

La Canada Flintridge?

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