2014 Audi RS4 Avant Review

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Auto Review says:

Feedback from my side (if I may): Your way of delivering the information is
good, tone of voice is pleasant, however your camera work isn’t really
pleasant for the eyes. There is too much shake (handheld) and the white
balance is off too often (going from light to dark and vice versa). In
addition, I would say it is more important to get your thoughts on the car
instead of just the specs from Audi in this case. A fuel consumption on
10,7l/ 100km in the RS4 in Dubai weather, not achievable and far from
realistic. I would reckon, the car will take approx. 15-16l/ 100km depends
on how easy someone drives. Hope that helps, from a fellow car reviewer in

Auto Review says:

Looking forward to review the RS4 myself soon. 

shamil ameen says:

Hi there..great vdo as usual but the audio in this particular vdo was a bit
off (voice only heard on one speaker)

MotoradeAutoReview says:

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