2014 Audi RS5 vs 2014 Mercedes-Benz C63 507 Coupe! – Head 2 Head Ep. 51

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On this episode of Head 2 Head, Jonny Lieberman sets out to discover which German hot-rod-personal-luxury-coupe is the best you can get. The 507 Coupe is the…


Ap0caLyPSe972 says:

The sound of the RS5 is just epic!

bob roger says:

I wouldv been really really suprised if the Audi won, that Mercedes is the
second best C class before the Brabus Bullit, there is no way the Audi
wouldv won.

Leo Fikremariam says:

On your next head to head, Mercedes-Benz CLA250 vs Audi A3 please. I would
love to see how these entry level cars compare to one another. 

N.C. says:

And the winner is… BMW M4

sloppypoppie says:

Show the interior design like a proper Motor Trend review! It’s not all
about performance and speed! Believe it or not, people might actually be
using your videos to determine if they want to buy these cars!

Tyler Walker says:

horry shit batman! <3 such a sexy pair of cars!

MrCleanPolo says:

Mercedes = overpriced old people mobiles. Audi will always be the winner in
my opinion.

oneviwatara says:

This fucking guy again?

Andrew Walker says:

Lol the C63 is just better than the RS5. And MB will always be on top ask
BMW and the M guys. I swear The people at AMG had some kinda ex WWII
scientists in the house back in the day and there harnessing the knowledge.
There cars and technology break physical barriers. 

ewtubewatcher says:

i suppose they both are amazing, but i like the looks of the audi better;
i wish i can afford one :(

Ivan Chepanov says:

Simple facts make it obvious – Audi is better and cheaper . 

SVT MATT says:

A Shelby GT500 “cobra” 2013 0-60 in 3.5 according to your own magazine. 

Alaatin61 says:

Check my channel for more audi

Daumex says:

LOL, you line up all the facts how the RS5 is better than C63 and in the
end you say that C63 is better?

RS5 is better around corners, has Quattro, much better gearbox and outputs
more HP per ton: the C63 has 2L bigger engine and outputs only around 50hp


iHydroEyez says:

+Motor Trend Channel “I don’t like the brakes, they look like
flowers”…Hmmm maybe thats why their called Petal brakes? Like flower

Ljiljana Kuljancic says:

the mercedes is kinda ugly

Vanianfew Few says:

If this engine went bang,do you think your friends from Audi would be so

Abdalwakeel Hussain says:

N.C- ur right these are shit compared to the BMW M4 that is class
Never liked Audis they’re way behind merc and BMW but BMW’s are the best
look btr aswell

kemo molotsi says:

the RS5 is better looking,but there is that thing about the C63 that i
like,,hard to describe

TheZizou0505 says:

Once you drive a benz always drive a benz :)

tony romo says:

the audi is more elegant!

Veleer says:

mercedes engine , audi comfort , BMW comfort and engine

PageMonster says:

It’s pronounced “Coo-pay”.

LoosersGoingHardcore says:

its so incredible how the audi rs5 has a so much smaller engine and is just
a little bit slower though. therefor i think the audi is way better
engineered than the mercedes.

Filip Blom says:

they are not faster than a porsche!

xxyanlixx says:

dude c63 looks so much better than the rs5

IIXxBlackOutxXII says:

You have to be stupid to think that the C63 is a better car. 

hunker8 says:

if C63 had only 4.2l under hood than it would not be no where near as quick
as RS5

16000rpm says:

”I’ve dated women who’ve given me less satisfaction than that”. That’s



Fantasy91000 says:

Nice Audi

Brett Butler says:

Urgh. Americans reviewing European cars. Such a bad combination.

Tieme Vanhees says:

Mercedes C 63 AMG Coupe uses 12,0L /100KM, EXPENSIVE

UrbanBudder says:

507 all day!

TheHazeGuy says:

that guy is the worst of the show

flyculture21 says:

Johnny is awesome, I didn’t know he was cool.

nistelrooyRuud says:

never tested how they perform but that Audi looks waaay better

KissRocksForever says:

Both are amazing cars. I’ve driven an RS5 but not a C63… However one
thing I’m not sure he took into consideration in this video was the price
difference. The Audi is 12 grand cheaper than the Merc. So is the Merc
better? Yes. Would I choose the Audi? Yes. 

Justin Brown says:

Audi looks the best? Eh…I don’t think so. All of Audi’s models look
exactly the same, just a different number of doors and roof slope. Too
conservative. Nothing mean about it. Not saying it isn’t sexy, but the C63
looks a lot more aggressive. Just depends on your taste in cars
(conservative, curvy vs. angular, mean.)

To me, Audi looks like a gentleman’s car. 

Dimitris Kalogiannis says:

and where you said you can drive like that in US ?

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