2014 Audi RS7: Top Speed Bahnstorming in Germany! – Ignition Ep. 80

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On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago tests the new Audi RS7 through over 500 miles of German roads, including top-speed blasts on the unrestricted Autoba…


Nathan Wilcox says:

All the country-bashing on here. :p Lame. 

Mario Rossi says:

Top class car with a ridiculous sound.

thom si says:

310km/h and its still pulling. guess with a remap it could reach 330-340

hdidane00 says:

people have different mentalities in germany unlike typical american a*$@es
that wouldnt move out of the fast lane when a car behind is going faster.
that’s called respect when people move out of the way to let you go.that’s
the way it should be in america but unfortunatly it’s not the case. because
people in america are plain retards and backward douchebags. lots of
respect for people in germany and worldwide who move out of the way for
faster incoming traffic.

willzer808 says:

A tepid presentation 

mtfr says:

Jesus, it sounds like a precision orchestration of wet farts.

Loved the ass hauling debate at the end though :)

imhoman says:

I disliked it because of the 30sec ad. suck it. 

EDKsurly says:

i wish the S4 looked like that.

Andrew Fallon says:

i don’t like the sound that much :(

Nakul Rana says:

Does anybody else here thinks that the audi could have had a better exhaust
sound? It sounds like a constipated fart.

breaktoby says:

My god…I think I’m in love <3

Bruningable says:

And again an US-citizen thinks he must go too fast on the “German
Autobahn”. Uuuhh- we are in Germany- let’s go on the Autobahn (oooooh- how
much we US-Americans love that word we even can’t spell right!) and
let’s drive faaast! Apart from that- nice guy, good review.

DrKampfpudding says:

Beautiful car !!!

Omar Abalkhail says:

$115 k …

Oshrat Pierre says:


Ahmad Abu Sneineh says:

My dream luxury car 

Snehan Ghosal says:

they could have used RWD though.

ra wige says:

*yawn* for the money I think I’ll keep my old school E46 M3!

Adila Fočak Džinović says:

This is one of the best cars ever made!…

Ahmad Abu Sneineh says:

My dream luxury car 

Snehan Ghosal says:

sounds like a really big smack from thor’s hammer.

greecedemocracy says:

Really, I own a Mercedes Benz and I am so sick of haters who could never
afford these vehicles criticizing them…stfu. Earn more money and stop
hating on these technologically-superb vehicles, losers.

su47forever says:

this reminds the time when i was riding in the back seat of a mercedes s350
diesel taxi on the autobahn and the driver drove the car to 250kph… in a

Colin Elmore says:

One thing is that a ecu tune by Apr will get you almost 700 horsepower with
a stock car and 750 tq it is crazy.

John Murphy says:

not sure why but I dont like the sound… im sure it sounds better in
person but in this video is just sounds like an engine miss firing really

emacemacii says:

Maybe the didn’t record the audio right. The car sounds like farting with
diarrhea all the time

Earl Yetman says:

We’re hauling some ass…We want to haul all the ass…LMFAO!!! 309 km/hr
is hauling ALL the ASS!!! WOW!

Hro MK says:

How can I get it?

wail yalichani says:

Rs7 is MUCH better to the m6 gran coupe its my opinion , and you ?

AkraneMixr says:

Its not the car that deviates drivers. Its autobahn etiquette. Although, if
i seen that monster in my rear mirror, i’d burn my lane change. 

Matthias Schmitt says:

that car sounds horrible, espacially from the inside

Scott Stillman says:

With that big of an engine, twin turbocharged and at that speed, it’s
amazing how quiet that cabin is. You could be going 130 MPH and not even
know it. I would get quite a few speeding tickets in it.

Bojan Alex says:

The best review i ever seen and of course my favourite Audi RS7 :) 

Thomas Parker says:

Well, good review. However I have to add that in Germany and in fact most
all over Europe people are not getting out of your way only because you
drive a nice Audi, but because – not like Americans – they very often check
their mirrors to see if there is a car passing already and/or already in
the fast inner lane going faster than they are. So then they simply change
lanes to get onto the slower lane. Especially in Germany on the Autobahn
there are at least 3 lanes where the inner lane have usually no speed
limit, the center lane has a speed limit and a mandatory minimum speed and
the outer lane also have a slower speed limit and a mandatory minimum
speed. This makes passing on the left very safe and also makes it easier to
leave the Autobahn from the slowest lane and also it makes it easy to merge
onto the Autobahn. Very logical system indeed, but with very strict rules.
You can ONLY PASS A CAR ON THE LEFT – again not like Americans do many
I am not 100% sure about their penalty system, but I heard that it is very
harsh for those who pass on the right! If you pass on the right and if the
police catch you they will most of the time confiscate your Driver’s
License on the spot for about 3 months with a huge fine. If they catch you
again they will confiscate your license for a year + an even larger fine.
After this you will loose your license and I am not sure if you will ever
be abel to get one again. Passing on the right is worse than driving a bit
over a lane speed limit or under its mandatory minimum speed.

Morgan Freeman says:

I want this car

Travis Foster says:

there is one of these on my street,now that I know their hp I`ll be
searching for him

martin siry says:


Anthony Williams says:

Love this car

dushyantx says:

best part is post takes…

Tobi Afolayan says:

Watching this car move does things to me. Incredible engineering…

junkmanfight says:

It’s not the look of the car what make the others think they should move
out of the way. It’s just a regular thing for Germans to clear the left
lane when someone is coming from behind. 

xxMAROONxHATExx says:

German cars BEST cars Volkswagen,Audi

MisterDopeTunes says:

Hope they make a new RS4

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