2014 Audi RS7 Twin Turbo Drive and Review – Gadget Review

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Performance often comes at the sacrifice utility. Not so with Audi’s RS7, a 560hp sportback monster that rockets to 60mph in just 3.7 seconds. Included is ju…


Gary Hayes says:

I picked mine up a month ago in the dynamic edition and it truly is a

BallerG1000 says:

Video doesn’t load.

Paul Strauss says:

Great review – we’ll be posting on 95Octane tomorrow.

rtownz251251 says:

Really nice review of an absolutely ridiculous awesome car! Great work!

C Bracken says:

One of the sexiest “daily drivers” on the road. Nice camera work too!

max audi says:

Airbag suspension?? Don’t you mean an adaptive air suspension? Btw zero to
sixty is 3.2 secs roughly 3.7 is the audi Official number

GadgetReview.com says:
dacosta8827 says:

I’m also now having issues loading the video. Comment if the same for you
and I’ll investigate. 

colin michels says:

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