2014 Audi S3 quattro Sedan / Review : Hands on Test : testdrive

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We drove the all new 2014 Audi S3 Sedan on the international press driving event in the surroundings of Monaco on November 6th, 2013. We hope you enjoy watch…


Ausfahrt.tv says:

We drove the all new +Audi USA #S3 #Sedan – 300 hp, quattro and a lot of
driving fun – here is our video review:

Joe O says:

profile reminds me of the b5 S4

Christopher Urbane says:

Great video! It was the MOST descriptive video with the best information I
have found on the web so far. Thanks for doing it, it looks like you had a
lot of fun.

Sachi WI says:

This is a HOT car but what Audi isn’t IMO – I can’t afford them now but
when I was younger and they weren’t quite as expensive I could – I had a
1982 Audi Cpe FWD, 1986 Audi Cpe FWD and an 1987 Audi 4000s FWD

dude92128 says:

This is one of the most in-depth reviews I’ve ever seen. Great job man!

osigurac says:

Great review! Thanks.

Francis Arnaud says:

I know that road. 

spoonman73 says:

Nice. And it comes with a proper manual transmission!

Stephen Grant-Davies says:

Thanks, great review :)

Jose De Hoyos says:

Anyone else see the VW Jetta??? No??

LazerSausage says:

If only they made it two door!

ki flex says:

very very good ..keep the reviews coming .. i love this car ..sweet just
the right size ..

Ma Art says:

Such a honest review. Bravo!

Made in Ireland says:

Fantastic video, as always, well done guys.

iRetroVolver says:

Vee aa Hee to tezzt zee new Zgerman Audi S Zree!! :-)

Brian Bonilla says:

Very in-depth review with a lot of information. Thanks for the English
version. It’s too bad that the manual transmission won’t make it here to
the US.

Nate Z says:

nice shirt! greetings from louisville!

Mouhcine BOUZAYDA says:

thank you do much, a comprehensive presentation with necessary element
well done

Wai Lui says:

Seeing the Manual Transmission makes me a wee bit jealous! Audi America
and Audi Canada are only offering the new S3 in Automatic

john jackson says:

who wouldent buy this over the butt ugly new wrx sti, that car really
disappointed me..

sealobo says:

what is the tire spec? front tires still wider than those at the rear? =P

trenace85 says:

Hi. Did you prefer the s3 over the cla45?

Benny Loh says:

Good review

HypSteRJiMbo says:

I love your reviews!

Ausfahrt.tv says:

We had the chance to #testdrive the all new +Audi USA #S3 #sedan – how
do you like our +YouTube #review ?

thej065 says:

Good review

noiox8 says:

I believe this is the FIRST review of S3 Sedan in English! You guys have
done a great job, keep up the good work! Just curious, what camera is that
you have mounted on the windshield?

salferaih1984 says:

Great review. Thanks

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