2014 Audi S3 Saloon Vlog: Pocket Rocket Fun!

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Yesterday I borrowed @WatfordAudi’s Audi S3 Saloon for the day! What a pocket rocket! Watford Audi Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/watfordaudi Subscribe and follow our journey: http://bit.ly…


Yeezy Yeezy says:

You should get a Golf R. Freaking quick and beautiful!

Bram van Heijnsbergen says:

Get a GoPro and a headstrap. 

Aksels Streļčs says:

Could you test the new RS6? My personal dream car… 

Ime E says:

Do you even like cars, or do you like this youtube lifestyle? I have a hard
time thinking you are a petrol head.

Nicol Morrison says:

Id rather get a second hand c63 or s5/rs5 if i wasnt worried about running
costs etc. 

Bridge Miester says:

look at that booty, C63 eske exhausts

asim Shafique says:

Since its £34,000 I wouldn’t buy the audi but I will save up another £1500
and buy a Nissan GT-R or an American muscle

bbsheppo says:

Golf R > S3


I hate when people says I’m running out of battery dude c’mon you only got
one job to do -___-

DMX820 says:

The audi interiors are just topo notcho

AzA Tube says:

Like If You Saw This Comment

Kenneth Niezen says:

Shave the beard mate….

SupercarsAntwerp says:

Awesome little car but a very big price…

Jay Pountney says:

My mum is getting a q3 

Stacey McGrath says:

Audi S3 coupe….fuckin bell?

mattsbeamer says:

Try out the 1M and see what you think of those :)
Just out of interest, which camera do you use. My cameras don’t seem to
have a long battery life.
If Paul don’t see this message, what kind of cameras do you guys use :)

XtrAMassivE says:

It looks great

altern8ive says:

+Supercars of London paul, you need either a second camera and have it
facing forward or attach the one you own onto a headrest mount because a
rearward facing wobbly camera with an overexposed shot of your face isnt
exactly representative of a quality channel and yes, i appreciate its
‘vlog’ style perspective but not when its distractingly unwatchable.

kiftikhar says:

Golf R over this any day. 

TheYulster says:

I would get the Subaru WRX STI or GT86 :) S3 is an epic car too 

KBossGaming says:

I like this car a lot. 

Zion Descheemaecker says:

jes a r is better

Ryan Lawrence says:

Your vlogs are terrible always nattering on about rubbish I used too watch
your car videos now it just seems like all you want in subscribers, take
notes off shmee150 that’s how you vlog not talking nonsense 

Pedro Pereira says:

Looks amazing !

Jordz 1303 says:

Great vlog/review Paul, buy a suction mount for your camera too!

Rihards Mors says:

What about the new TT? Better looking and few grand cheaper

Tom Wolstenholme says:

Why would you buy this car when you could get a second hand C63 AMG for

Vane Ajta says:

Such a beautiful car!

David Van says:

I like the S3, but prefer the Golf R, honestly. 

James Jevons says:

If you think the S3 is good, then you really need to try the S1.

MultiLuc28 says:

I’d get it, but it’s too expensive and I don’t have my license.

Stacey McGrath says:

So you’d blacken the grill,the wheels and the mirrors? F@cking idiot!

kash autodesign says:

Mirrors ain’t stainless… Brushed aluminium
The rims ain’t titanium they are Diamond cut and anthracite.

Chris Ward says:

i would put better alloys on it maybe black ones.Nice car.

Dan Alleyne says:

Maby make the chrome black chrome

HorsePowerFreak 2012 says:

If you were going to get a fast hot hatch to run around town in… i’d 100%
any day go for the A45 AMG, good power, 2L Turbo, DSG and they sound

DiZzLe TrUeYy says:

I live over the road from that garage

Sean Hughes says:

No i would put the money towards a Audi R8 Haha !!!

Rhys Tudor-Davies says:

I really like it, would keep the chrome as well. Looks much better than the

ALGmerc says:

Wouldn’t put black wheels on it and probably wouldn’t de-chrome, I think it
looks sorted as it is, very nice looking thing and surprisingly fast…

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