2014 Audi S4 Quattro 0-60 MPH Racetrack Review: Meet the TFL Record Lap Champ

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Audi S4 Quattro is a supercharged AWD racetrack devouring monster. In this 0-60 MPH racetrack review, the Audi S4 stuns Na…


Clay Martin says:

+nathan adlen +The Fast Lane Car what speeds do you guys normally reach on
that front straight at IMI Motorsports?

ukropadam says:

5:42 WTF ? that guy is a fucking russian

MrGovenator1 says:

Love these cars. They make a great sleeper

jrarael90 says:

No more silver aluminum side mirrors???? 

The Fast Lane Car says:
headcas620 says:

S4 Avant or bust!

goatmonkey2112 says:

What was your time with the traction control off? 

TonyTube407 says:

The track portion of this video was extremely difficult to watch. Terrible
lines, embarrassing shifting. Love your reviews and videos though. The
more popular you guys are becoming the more you’ll be expected to know how
to drive on a track.

nick armstrong says:

Are you guys going to the San Jose revelocity car show?

Jacob Dunn says:

Why not buy an S3?

jay y says:

wow 1:10 with the radio on !!!!! thats crazy 

Jose Sylvestre says:

Nathan is the best!

sweeeptheleg says:

How are the brakes?

Ernesto Medina says:

Black soot all over tailpipes …wonder what the intake valves look like .
Audi’s are horrible with carbon build up because of the direct injection. 

NikoBell12 says:

I love the subtle styling. The fact that only badges and exhausts tell you
whether it’s an S4 or not gives the car a stealthy vibe and that’s awesome.

egon olzen says:

56K? Expensive? Compared to where I live it’s like giving it away for free!

M Gvasalia says:

i am a MASSIVE and i mean a MASSIVE audi fan (i had s6/a8) but come
on….downgrading from 4.2 v8 to 3.0 v6? thats just wrong

Tristan Rios says:

This car in Black is gorgeous

cuzimaluzer777 says:

APR will make it FASTER!!!

MrKeyboardCommando says:

Nathan, you’re driving yourself round the bend. Try cutting the apex, it’ll
give you peace of mind. ;-)))

Evans Cheruiyot says:

TFLcar how does this compare to the 335i with a manual transmission ?


You need cough medicine 

SilentHill401 says:

Love Audis, I’d drive them over BMW and MB anyday. Miss my 08 A4 Turbo. 

Narrowc ross says:

I usually prefer German car over Americans, this is always almost the case
but for the same price I can get a C7 and a new generation of this car is
coming out next year…ehh dont know about this one

Facundo Farias says:

meh… boring car

Guy Techie says:

Please do the same to the Mark 7 GTI and Golf R when you get them!

Greg Laurence says:

Black edition. You can get without black edition. 

KillaBandit says:

I’ll take a S3 or Golf R over this car any day of the week as they are much
faster and more nimble.

vader11111 says:

Glad that it has a manual.

David C Schlesinger says:

When you said you have a very special guest, I thought you were going to
have someone review the car with you until you answered “Audi S4″…LOL.

money says:

I just can’t wait to see what the new A4/S4 can bring to the table cause if
its better than this, it is going to be best in class. Hopefully we get the
next gen RS4 too.

Mario Djameh says:

timeless design

chasedrgc1223 says:

I really hope to see the RC F show up here soon… 

Greg Laurence says:

S4 is a beast. Tons of mods for this engine. Prefer the silver mirrors. 

ford rodriguez says:

what is the 0-60 time

Rome Clarity says:

What’s the song in the background @4:02?

Yu Huang says:

I want to see more track runs 

smokinjoeblazers says:

I seen a fly on the head light at 1:10 watching you watching him. Kinda
spooky if ya ask me. ;)

Roclee612 says:

What was the laptime with the traction control off?

Krakle and Pop says:

+The Fast Lane Car “chain-driven supercharger?” It’s actually belt-driven.

Rasmus Juul says:

In Denmark this car is $169.550 USD.


Bruce Solomon says:

I couldn’t agree more about carbon fiber applications on the interior of
cars. Wood veneers don’t weigh very much and the amount that is saved could
probably be made up by taking the change out of your change holders.
Besides carbon fiber is a synthetic material and why would you want to live
in a synthetic. Organic materials do the soul good in a living
Body panels are a completely different issue. When it comes to body panels
the weight savings could be substantial. 

bigfatengineer says:

The only issue I have with Audi is the local dealership. Walked around
their showroom for 30 minutes and no one spoke to me. I wasn’t even
dressed like a total bum! 

TheKasoy90 says:

Try whit a gt-r please 

WikdSeafood says:

I’ll take one in silver, please.

Kevin Pettitt says:

Hey guys I know you’re trying to encourage monthly contributions but some
people shy away from that. I would highly recommend putting a link for
one-time contributions as well. It might also be good to track which video
caused them to hit the link as that would give you some insight into what
is popular.

Aleks Petrovic says:

If it was only under 40k

Brandon Sayre says:

I love audi’s new more aggressive look to the cars escpesially the lights
they look so cool

brain96969 says:

You like this car Nathan :)

Jeremy Good says:

Nice car, but pricey. Oh yeah… I don’t like manuals.

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