2014 Audi S4 Quattro Manual – WR TV POV Test Drive 1/2

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This week we row our own gears in a manual gearbox-equipped Audi S4 Quattro. This Misano Red example comes equipped with the Black Optic package, which inclu…


Kaipeternicolas says:

The car has too much understeer. I’m driving the RS7 at the moment… same

gsilva220 says:

That’s a good engine and all, but it sounds pretty much like a GTA car and
that’s sad. I hope they make the next S4 and S5 with a supercharged Inline
5. That would be awesome…

TheRenalicious says:

Mmm, I think you need to make at least a few more “extended editions” of
these S4 video. Very nice!

BTW, does the manual auto-blip the throttle on downshifts? I can’t seem to
find a definite answer to this anywhere.

Harman Sanghera says:

Hi, I recently just learnt how to drive in a manual; is he just rev
matching when he blips to down shift or heel- toeing?

prankdayTV says:

audi engines are bullshit, BMW rocks

AutoFocusHD says:

Is the other half of the video the walk around?

Bringback Vten says:

I work at a Audi dealership and this car was fantastic to drive. My
favorite Audi so far… Haven’t driven the S8 yet.

derbigpr500 says:

God damn this is a good car. If only the Quattro system was a bit more rear
end biased.

chris bona says:

I was hoping for more supercharger whine, oh well great review as always.

ReventadorLP1500-2 says:

I get that this is for demonstrational purposes, but you drove like an
asshole and unnecessarily punished the engine.

exit07 says:

thats some bad roads there.

xBlackRaiderx says:

The fact that it’s a manual, automatic like! And the turbo spool doesn’t
sound bad at all

RickyTomatoes says:

What happened to the famous chrome side mirrors?

ThePianistDE Klavier (orig. PianoandCarcrack94) says:

Understeer and ancient, inefficient engine technology. I like the design
and interior, but the powertrain and set up is just too… primitive and

darkpill says:

What’s with the tire squeal on the on ramp?!

christian white says:

I miss driving manual in these conditions…however I will stick to my dsg
during traffic.

ToInfinity1 says:

Can you do a S-tronic automatic version?

daredevil7442 says:

good driving!! This video should be the minimum standard for all your
videos…drive it like it’s stolen…..are usually the best test drive
videos! This give a proper perspective as to what the car really is and IS

Veyronp87 says:

nice car. seems like it has some understeer though

mbenzsl2000 says:

Manual vs the new automatics?


Euroduck says:

I’m not going to jump on a conversation that happened two months ago but to
clear things up, the reason every single Audi has an understeer issue is
because the engine is in FRONT of the axles. It’s not over them. Because
there is so much additional weight up front, the car will tend to push out
of corners when entry speeds are too fast. I’ve driven just about every
single Audi from the old 4000s to an RS5 and they all have some sort of
understeer issue when pushed hard. Just what makes these cars great in my

Fools says:

you can get more speed and control with ramps in higher gear and lower
rpm. Its supercharged..

Dalton Smith says:

Listening to that turbo wine is music to my ears… 

ZiiNe Peyniz says:

I love this POV Videos, but i am very sad that you guys cant drive on our
German Autobahn and show how fast the cars can drive… 

Frank L says:

Traffic or none, I’ll stick with my manual, and I’m in traffic 50% of the
time if not more.

Sebastian Rosenberg says:

Hey, Audi drivers. Is it true that you can cruise an 8-speed DSG 2.0T A4 at
60mph on the freeway at just 1,000rpm?

Lipcsai Szilveszter says:

Does this has an automatic rev matcher when you downshift? 

basszound says:

Roads in US are shit

pyramid011 says:

Is the car automatically blipping the throttle for you on downshifts? If
not, very nice heel toe. I have the DSG and your downshifts sound like
mine. :D

Mahir Ramphal says:

Its not a muscle car you idiots

fahad alhuthaifi says:

Such a nice car BUT……………understeer!!!!!!!

hennessy viper says:

he had to get off of it lol he was going to fast

Evan Jones says:

Eh, red is such a “look at me!” color. I would have chosen something more
clean cut and nice like a dark blue, gray or black. Leave the red to

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