2014 Audi S4 – Review & Test Drive

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The 2014 Audi S4 features a 333 HP supercharged 3.0L V6 engine, matched with an optional 7 speed S-tronic dual clutch transmission. This vehicle features all…


R34 says:

Watched the whole video! This is the first video iv seen on your channel
and it was great! You went in depth and explained everything , keep it up! 

veeerzes says:

I can fully understand the amount of fun driving that car :) The
performance should be about the same as my 335 HP Golf mk6 R and I
absolutely love to drive it (also has the dual clutch gearbox)

SamuraiX6288 says:

Lol, the “quarter holder” is the microphone for the car

Engineering Explained says:

You’ll hear me say throttle response once or twice. Because it’s awesome.
#Audi #S4 #power

Riyad Massrwa says:

Damn! I remeber watching your videos a long time ago and I remebered that
you said that you quit your job. At first I was worried for you but now I
see that you get to do reviews to many fine cars and your channel’s
pupolarity increased drastically.

Keep up the good work!

Squidward .Tentacles says:

I think it’d be really interesting if you could do a video explaining the
benefits of a big bore engine vs a long stroke engine.

gb291 says:

The window and sunroof feature opening with the key dosent require the key
on vag cars just hold down unlock :)

BukkitViper says:

Your reviews are awesome!
You just need better shots and a bigger budget, than no one can stop you

briansmobile1 says:

Click → 2:17 it’s nice to see the idiot hoods (engine covers) minimized
here. For those who are wondering- those redundant hoods or covers are
made by idiots to convince consumer idiots that the engine is in fact one
large hunk of plastic with zero moving parts. They are also fantastic
squirrel and mouse dens/nests.

elvicdesonora says:

review a hellcat, or charger , challenger R/T, or SRT

TeamEpsilonRacing says:

At 4:43 anyone else wondering where the wheel studs went????

Lawrence Timme says:

doesn’t that beep only come on when you go over 120mph?

Guillaume Breton says:

I still watch all your videos, but as I said before, it’s really hard to
have a real sense of what you are trying to convey information-wize. You
say “decent” and “pretty good” or “pretty well” to qualify to many things,
and for me, it’s not something i find useful. I’d prefer a simple 1-10
rating or something like that. rear view 6/10, front visiility 8/10, road
noise 5/10, etc. for a couple key categories. “pretty good” is just to
vague and subjective. In the end, its still your own opinion, but at least
i could compare from review to review, from car to car !tyvm !

Guillermo Lovato says:

yissssss, finally you get to drive a car with a real DSG gearbox!.
you should’ve mentioned at the beginning that the S line it’s the “sport”
versions of the A series, it’s not made for being a grand tour comfortable
car, it’s like the BMW M-series of their “normal” cars

Brian Schoepfle says:

I own this vehicle and I would be very interested to learn how you got

Papaya Man says:

Jason is the best

AnotherSiGuy says:

turbo 4 cylinder cars are one thing, but a supercharged V6 shouldn’t need
fake engine noise. I guess Audi has never heard the F-type.

g4rr377 says:

the wrong way working knobs for the media i find quite annoying. also on
the key fob you can keep the open button pressed down to open the windows
and closed to close them

Cantenkerous Tim says:

Is it steer by wire?

814gt says:

I own a 2014 Audi S4. It’s a glorious machine. From the bang and O stereo
to the immediate torque, it’s such a gratifying car to drive. 6 months
later, I’m still taking the long way home from work. It pulls hard and
feels closer to 380hp and 380ft lbs of tq. Highly recommend his car to
anyone that wants a mid size 4 door sports car. Blends luxury with sport
better than any car I can think of for the price

Stefanus Billy says:

Hi, isn’t the intercooler supposed to be placed between air filter and
supercharger, (I heard you said it is placed between supercharger and
intake manifold). thanks!

Dan lee says:

Wow my dad’s s40 inly gets 27 mpg and its a tiny car

Etienne Francoeur says:

I love your style of reviewing cars, keep your unique flavour as it is.

BuddyLe3 says:

I’ve been told by every Audi owner I know that the steering is quite numb.
Is that due to the fact that it is all wheel drive?

Wyndzzy says:

The engine is labelled TFSI, I thought that stood for Turbo Fuel Stratified
Injection but this is a supercharged V6? Is it like the VAG TSi engines
which contain both a turbo and a supercharger?

Yoan Carlove says:

27mpg is not impressive for a 4000pound car with direct injection wether
supercharged or not or Awd or not. I mean, this has 7 fcking gears.

People are getting 27mpg with carburated 5.0 mustangs lol…

Caleb Sickles says:

I spy Vista house??

T3ZG3R3 says:

I was driving this car to its limits on an Audi test track in Germany…
And my god it’s an awesome car to drive.

Old_Barbarism says:

Great review as always…thanks…One question, which one would you pick,
this S4 or the lexus GS350 you reviewed earlier?

jerri0401 says:

does the european version has a supercharger or just the US model?

gbin21 says:

Cd of 0.30 ? Thats quite bad for a car like this. 

Nagy Szilard says:

Eps just sucks. Every car has it nowdays it is sad.

Tevi Silva says:

I hate audi but they have some great engineering in every car they make

MrRunescape1 says:

faster than the sti?

minnsminns says:

Why Audi…

dlroto says:

Great vid. I would love to see what you have to say about the 2015 subaru
wrx’s cvt transmission. Do you think you’ll do a vid of that? 

Guy Techie says:

Will you be doing the same in depth review of the Golf R?

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