2014 Audi S5 Coupe Quattro Manual Exhaust, Start Up And In Depth Review

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NikoBell12 says:

Just… wow this car is beautiful. Awesome video buy the way. I’m thinking
about getting one of these.

718hudson says:

This dude has the best cars with great reviews. Wonder why only 4,100

Trucho says:

Nice video, AutoMoho!! I have a 2014 S4. It idles rough (cabin vibrates)
ever since day one. The tach stays still at 750 rpm but there is a very
noticeable vibration throughout the cabin. I took it to the dealer and they
told me everything checks out fine. However I am not convinced. A car in
this segment shouldn’t idle like mine does.
Question: how rough should these S4/S5 idle? Should I feel cabin vibration
when idling?

setrak22 says:

Can u film the Mercedes new 2014 s class

Fly_Guy_13 says:

I like my 2012 S5 with the V8 in it :) I personally think the pre-facelift
version looks more meaner and defined than the new look. Plus everyone
loves the rumble of the V8, especially with a AWE Exhaust on it ;) 

Pamela Castro says:

Can’t wish for anything better!! Wowwww 

Abdulla Al says:

can u film the 911 turbo S?

AutoMoHo says:

2014 Audi S5 Coupe Quattro Manual

L u c h 101 Luchey says:

How did you get the led lights to strobe like that?

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