2014 Audi S5 review V. 2 – 2 similar videos, this one is MUCH better

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2014 Audi S5 review V.2 Check out our website www.infinitiofkirkland.com This month we’re plugging a funny video about the Infiniti IPL and the fact that our…


Moby Dick says:

This guy is smooth; clearly he knows how to sell cars.

Cleveland023 says:

Oh man, this car looks beast! I’d love to have it.. but meh… A4 was all
that I could afford, thehe :D

Spawn223311 says:

perfect color and rims

Matthau San says:

Common everybody know its main competitors are 335i coupe.

Rachel Colgan says:

Cant decide between new vette stingray or this

Sikhhh says:

did you really just say its competitor is the m3? lol please do some
research before you talk.

CaptainSprinkles1985 says:

Does the black optic package change the horizontal lines on the grille to
black as well? I thought it only changed the trim to black… Can’t decide
on an audi s5 or a bmw 435i

Scott Campbell says:

never mind, after some research.. the prestige trim model has nav

Obeliskeyes says:

Wow…a must have one day!

Scott Campbell says:

is this s5 the premium plus or prestige trim, good review but too much
opinion.. more car detail. thanks

usedinfinitis says:

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