2014 Audi S6 S-Tronic – WR TV POV Test Drive (City)

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2014 Audi S6 S-tronic Price: $73400 (base), $81470 (as tested) Engine: 4.0-liter biturbocharged V8 Output: 420hp / 406lb-ft 0-60mph: 4.6 seconds Fuel Econo…


Winding Road Magazine says:

Read our Driven article on the 2014 Audi S6 S-Tronic here:

Freshbott2 says:

Random question, what do you do in the US if the cops pull you up on the
freeway? It looks like the emergency shoulders there are tiny/don’t exist.
Do you exit the freeway? Do you pull up on the side of an exit lane where
people are going slower and there’s more space?

John Boyt says:

I can see why the dealerships allow this young man to drive their cars. He
drives very responsibly. A few verbal utterances would be nice to indicate
whether the speed is in kms or miles. whether the car is running with
ordinary tires, or low profile tires, whether he prefers one type over
another: example manual or auto; regular or S versions, etc.

tokekkk says:

What city is this? very relaxing road and few cars on the streets. What a
lovely place to drive 

thechrisieb says:

amazing car this

TheZombaslaya says:

I love Audis, I wish I could afford one. The A4 is got to be my favorite
because I like how the screen is an extension of the dashboard. I don’t
know what I think of this pop out stuff. Too easy for a kid to throw
something or brake it off if you have kids and then you can’t use the
radio, GPS, Backup Camera Etc. 

Kaipeternicolas says:

Good old Pasadena.

NikoBell12 says:

Beautiful car and color combo.

Matthew Gorres says:

Impressive fuel economy for a V8, along with 550i and E550.

997speedy says:

why were you and other people passing on the inside lanes (slow lane)

Антон Гудков says:

USA – country roads, on all the roads are simply not enough money.You have
not seen the road in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States.

Tarik Berovic says:

Too silent

stance autos says:

I just wish they brought the RS6 Avant here to the US……):

luidgiskovoroda says:

Dynamic range so wide or it’s HDR video ? What kind of camera was used ?

IGotNuked says:

Did you hit the other car when you opened the door?

RickyJnum1FAN says:

heck yeah, beautiful angeles crest hwy..you were in my neighborhood

ligistfan says:

great quick info in the top of the description!

Alex Poon says:

very powerful car !!!!!
nice review 

Scott Lim says:

Is this Mt. Baldy area?

Tristan Douville says:

I’d love to see some sort of a compilation of any bloopers / outtakes from
these drives!

Keith Andres says:

Love it, love it, love it!

Jayfer Zahir says:

are you out in la!

Criztian Ramirez says:

Oh shit…this takes off

Sebastian Rosenberg says:

2.0T A4 is good enough for me.

jacob jacobson says:

The right sounds/looks rough.
Love the S series Audi though.
The Q7 looks awesome.

ExactlyPrecisely says:

The engine isn’t loud enough!

INumba1Stunna says:

Sweet interior

TURKadir Osmanliciyiz says:


Abe Foxman says:


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