2014 Audi S7 Review – TEST/DRIVE

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Mike Spinelli reviews the 2014 Audi S7 at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in California. Scored by all TEST/DRIVE hosts.


Nashim Ablo says:

Damn the back of this car looks like shit. What the hell were they
thinking? If you like UGLY, then this is the car for you

Ddyracer says:

stop trying to be top gear and get on with it.

Atrax R says:

man that back end is ugly as fuck

hartsickdisciple says:

This was painful to watch and listen to. Spinelli, stop it with the bad
forced analogies… please.

RegularCars says:

Haha nice!

UnrealRealityTV says:

Well, if you have to justify a car’s existence throughout an entire review,
then I consider that car nonsense. If you could just point out the positive
and negative aspects, without building it all upon one huge justification
why someone should buy this, then this video would make sense.

Bruno Oliveira says:

“…He’ll come in when he’s hungry.” That one was well put in.

WindmillStalker says:

This review shows Mike’s writing background. Nicely done.

I like how the tone of these ‘quickreviews’ changes with whoever does the
review. I like how /Drive consists of personalities, instead of
12-in-a-dozen fuckwits who speak alot but never say anything.

ibsabur says:

‘Just who the f*ck do you think you are?’ LOL! Classic! Love this review!

vvysoc says:

Mike should do more of these.

Riles07 says:

Great review Mike, sure makes the RS 7 look like bad value.

Max Baker says:

We only saw you once in the car…and during that time of us seeing you in
the car you gave the engine a weird analogy. You should have had more
footage of you actually driving the car from the cockpit while describing
what was actually going on instead of you reading off your scripted review
for 90% of the video.

Just sayin’… 

YazeedSaber says:

Mike is an amazing writer

Josh Donivan says:

The wondrous way all these clearly witty words come together to form this
review, gives me goosebumps. The music helps too, what’s the song name?

vtr0104 says:

A+, Mr. Spinelli, quite an enjoyable review.

mrjost55 says:

This is possibly one of the most strangest reviews I’ve seen in a while. I
have no idea what Mike was talking about, and I don’t know how he feels
about the car, but I enjoyed it.

thechosendude says:

Saw one in black the other day. Absolutely gorgeous side profile.

Andrej Gobec says:

What’s the elevator music?? I like it … it made me forget I want to hear
the engine noise …

Eric Doe says:

Like the rating system. Can’t wait to see higher ups. *flame war commence

Moby Dick says:

I got bored so I’m moving on to a video about cars and not about

Ariel Correa says:

well done! great job sir, great job !!

M Jalal says:

frustrating video…

Ivan Giraldo says:

2:42 review guy said mimic a V4? lmaoo wow is 4 cylinder no such thing as a

MrJamesguy9 says:

We need more reviews with Spinelli, “it pulls like a train full of
butterscotch pudding” – genius!

Akira Zendo says:

Dear rich person: I want one, please, please buy me one. I know you don’t
know me, but I work hard, im a good person, please buy me one, I will
always be grateful.

shinnyspace says:

I miss the FUCK words.
— Only then I really see the thing is good. —

Connor McLaren says:

To get rid of strange sounds like when the engine is in 4 cylinder mode,
its all sort of contrived and synthetic, but then again so is your tan.

leozdnbr says:


Carsquare says:

Watch Mike Spinelli from DRIVE test out the 2014 Audi S7
http://bit.ly/1dYphEJ. Search more #Audis at http://carsquare.com/ #cars

carzzi says:

“[L]ike angels dancing on the head of a pin the size of Mt Rushmore”.
Sheesh. What is this, JALOPNIK?

TheDragonDelasangre says:

Just talking about the car to some boring elevator music. OK well I’m done
watching this series.

boban p says:

Great stuff dude you said everything!

smohan123 says:

Fantastic script

paradoxdesigns says:

I like my tan. 

Xilence says:

The reviewer of this video is amazing. LOL

Noel Pee says:

Mike Spinelli is back!!

Matthew Ribe says:

Spinelli for president

Robert Van Dell II says:

Dude, your narratives are boss. Keep it up please.

Michael Howatt says:

“Let’s face it the RS7 is in a different league.” Most of us can only take
your word for that, so there’s really no facing it to do…

2002C5Vette says:

A true, eloquent automotive journalist’s take on a car I really enjoy.
Spinelli…. That was great! Thoroughly enjoyed that review. 

barcode says:

That’s a pretty weak review. While pretty funny, it doesn’t give me enough
information about the handling or how the gadgetry works out. What did
Chris Harris have to say about it? Was that supposed to be your April
fools? Meh….

ambitousguy says:

Gr8 review. Can u guy do the review on Mercedes Cls 550, please.

Elf S. says:

3 points on cabin space? Can some1 explain?

Viking445 says:

a V4 huh?……………………………….

josepca89 says:


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