2014 Audi S8 Test Drive Video Review

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http://www.autobytel.com/audi/s8/2014/?id=32972 The large luxury sedan class is filled with great cars like the BMW 7-Series, Mercedes S-Class, Jaguar XJ, an…


overclockedHD says:

He mentioned Jaguar from British but excuse you Jaguar and Land Rovers were
sold to an #Indian company TaTa. 

Felix Wiesner says:

Why the hell are you testing the pre-facelifted model?

Bill White says:

The Audi always wins in head to head matchups with Jag, BMW, and Mercedes.
And for less money!

seitaneddy says:

How many lifetimes am I going to have to work, to get this car of my
dreams??? :(

FroopieLoopies says:

The previous S8 was sexier, sleeker and more aggressive looking IMO. 

Concerned persun says:

I’m pretty sure an S8 can compete with an Alpina B7

Tony Tanti says:

Look better if they flared out the fenders a bit for the s model.

TheRevolutionary465 says:

is has 2013 headlights, so its not 2014..

Tor Guy says:

For a $122,000, there better be massaging seats, infact it better make my
morning coffee to…Beautiful car though

Damn that Lexus LS is one Fugly Ass car man, how can Lexus even try and put
out something so ugly, they take people for fools, but then again there are
a lot of foolish people that will fall for it because of the badge

HugoElders says:

Many people find it so hard to choose between these cars. Me however, i’d
always get the Jaguar. I think it’s the only good looking, stylish car out
of these five.

tompparaideri says:

120 000$ is cheap.. In Finland the car costs 190 000€.. With the current
exhange rate it’s 261 000$..

Get that in your head and suddenly cars in America are free..

And it gets even crazier if you want a lamborghini aventador.. If you get
one in the states for 340 000$ in Finland it would be around 780 000€ which
is over 1 000 000$…

When i have money to buy a nice car here i could move to the states and buy
2 of them and a big house to live in with the samo amount of money..

nzchariboy says:

2:20 did anyone notice when hes driving the car rpm is idling…its being

Lionel Mann says:

He’s annoying!

marc1093280 says:

I’d rather have a used Bentley Continental Flying Spur for the same price
as the S8.

Fadic4 says:

I’ll take an s class. 

C Dubs says:

Drove a 2014 last night.. AMAZING! 

Yuling Li says:

this guy is funny

William Borowski says:

Awesome review!

Mario Porte says:

I like 5 minutes videos not 15 minutes

prototypeglory says:

My dream car

J Segal says:

How many times did he say “wildly?”

MrNuggetface says:

First!! Such a sick piece. 

Jesse Chen says:

as BMW fan i think the s8 looks nicer than the 7series

nashmkm360 says:

Ya rite, you guys are testing a 2013 s8, 2014 s8 has had a lil facelift.

Mario Porte says:

Its better the Mercedes-Benz S class, more luxurious, more elegant and
better quality. I love the magic body feature 

SaiafFilms says:

This guy is EXCELLENT at reviews. He’s straight to the point, well
educated, well spoken and has a sense of humor. Great job. 

tiampuso1 says:

Audi is for sport… Mercedes is for luxury (with speed being secondary)
but the luxury is unmatched to the Audi.

Also Audi has a very poor residual value on the lease (as of this post)

Jaguar, BMW and Lexus are far in the rear. 

aarikc17 says:

“4700 lbs is a ton of curb weight!” ….. actually 2+ tons of curb weight

PussMag says:

how long do i have to wait to get this for $20k?

Super Lou says:

Boss car.

Kavas says:

This dude talks a lot but doesn’t really say much.

Greg Luft says:

I would wait a couple years and buy a used one for cheaper.

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