2014 Audi SQ5 0-60 MPH Test & Review

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Audi SQ5 is the rocket of the Audi Q5 model line. It also happens to share the same 3.0L supercharged engine as the Audi S…


Jared Tate says:

why is 0 – 60 so over rated….

Michael Zubritsky says:

I would appreciate Audi and the rest of the German vehicles, if the
majority of drivers would actually drive and act like civilized human


Lol here in Europe the SQ5 has a 3 litre V6 turbo diesel with 313hp. 

goatmonkey2112 says:

I think the Macan is going to beat it. Bring this car back for a
comparison when the Macan is available for testing. 

kungfutofu2 says:

$64000? Looks like a standard Q5

Billy Sou says:

If I could afford an Audi Q5, I’d prefer the diesel. No disrespect to the

Gregory Chen says:

AGAIN. It’s thought, not thunk. But thought.

Don’t drop that thun thun thunk.

Brandon Johnson says:

With methanol injection, the one second delay for high altitude would be

xSolidgamezx says:

lol, I would have thought that the SQ5 would be slower than the S5 because
it’s an SUV and SUV’s are less aerodynamic. It really surprised me :)

bjrlpolo says:

standard wheels??? ewwww

Darren Brown says:

i like it but isn’t just another Volkswagen?

Jatin Bhatia says:

1 or 2 sec more to 60 really does not matter in the real world. 30 to 70,
40 to 70, seems more relevant……but yes, sure, this is a lot of fun…..

SilentHill401 says:

An RSQ5 would be an absolute beast. 

TheFerarri123 says:

I like the SQ5 TDI but the TFSI engine should be a available in the uk

nbrigdan says:

The SQ5 seems awesome, can’t wait to see the verdict.

Ed P says:

how about testing q7 tdi 

James Windland says:

Full review on the SQ5 please!

Harrell Eason says:

Some shit this guy pulled on Matt Farah……

Seb Lakefield says:

So, you didn’t have the balls to leave your Matt Farah article up, when you
knew you’ll meet him on a press event? Yeah, he just called you out on his

Hassan Qasim says:

What’s the intro song guys!?

jarlsbergosten says:

Great car

Mathieu Denis says:

Again with the super elevator music!!!! OMG!

Vlad Saghin says:

The SQ5 comes with a 3.0 BiTDI which produces around 300 hp but 650 pound
feet of torque and it makes an awesome v8 burble so once again the
Americans aren’t so lucky…

chnzwh01 says:

No autohold?

Tom Wu says:

Hey Dude, can you make a full detailed version of SQ5?

DancinRandy54 says:

so how much slower is the q5 3.0t?

ChUcK2001 says:

This car looks boring on 19″ winter wheels. The 20″ are better, and the 21″

david dykeman says:

I shut it off at 2 minutes, very boring.

Steamin Steven says:

Roman, heard about you meeting Matt F. recently. I think you officially
have a nemesis now ;)

Shahul Usman says:

Unimpressive…mercedes gla45 amg coming later this year has 355hp from a 2
liter…0-60 in under 4.8, gets 30mpg and lapped the nurburgring just over
8 min… also you can take your gla amg to the track as a “wagon” and you
cannot take your sq5 “suv” to most tracks

ChristopherWalkenPUA says:

I would have actually liked to see a longer review on this SQ5.

xXLuxxyBuxxyXx says:

Figured that V6 would get better gas milage considering its a 6 cylinder.
Guess the supercharger kills it, which makes it hover around V8 Territory. 

Anthony Peran says:

Most cars disappoint me today. Just build a car I don’t have to babysit
that isn’t a stripped down like a KIA or Hyundai. Also, wtf is up with cars
today being stupid expensive for shit quality… Evoque.

Дима Шавель says:

can you add russian subtitles?

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

Who picked the background music? They must like 70′s porn.

The Fast Lane Car says:
Дима Шавель says:

звук на skyline похож

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