2014 Audi SQ5 vs Lexus GX 460 0-60 MPH Mashup Review

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Audi SQ5 and the 2014 Lexus GX 460 don’t compete but what if you have $60000 USD burning a hole in your pocket? Would you…


brorowcarwiz says:

Sure, Roman, the GX may be based on the 4Runner, but the two are completely
different animals. Don’t forget that the 4Runner comes only with a 4.0L V6
and a 5AT; the Lexus’ V8 and additional gear make a world of difference.
Not to mention the two feel different on the inside. The 4Runner is a dark
plastic cave compared to the Lexus. A fully optioned 4Runner Limited 4WD
w/3rd Row will set you back around $45k. The Lexus is worth every penny of
the extra $4-5k to me and many others.

Jacob Dunn says:

Was this video shot in 4k?

Ronald David says:

More room, more luxury, oh did I mention that the Japanese engineering.
Good luck with your Audi breaking down after 3-4 years! Lexus ftw!

Tristan Rios says:

The Audi has a much better interior. 

Bora Markovic says:

Why not compare Q7 since Q5 isnt in the same class as that abomination that
lexus made?

Stephen Bradley says:

A Titanium steering wheel, that would blow its low price & add on $5K &
what happened to the 3 L Diesel in the Audi did you do an engine swap when
our eyes were closed?

kirbyswarp says:

So the lexus makes 302hp and 15/20mpg in the city? Wow the new Yukon has
355hp and more torque and gets 16/23mpg. Hell, even the 6.2 with 420(blaze
it)hp gets the same exact fuel economy with 4X4 and over 100hp more.

Plus they arn’t the abomination that is the Lexus’s “styling”. Looks like
it’s melting, squinting cross-eyes, and autistic at the same time.

juan tafoya says:

For my money I take the Lexus, it’s 4k cheaper it seats more people it’s
way better off road it’s way more reliable, holds it’s value better, it’s
more luxurious. Not that you’ll ever need to in an extremely reliable SUV
but Lexus parts are more affordable than Audi parts because they import
them from Germany, and to top it all of the Lexus is safer with higher
crash ratings.

Maad Dan says:

I thought the SQ5 was a twin turbo 3L V6 diesel..? 

radar3699 says:

Not a fan of either car, or either brand. I would take an Ml or new X5 or
RR sport over these. 

venom5809 says:

Mother of God that Lexus is so ugly. 

RazorFX says:

Id get a roaring v8 fx50…. Oh wait.. I did lol :-) 

Лера Петрова says:

Audi is the best!! Audi is lovely, strong and pretty car!! More prettier
than lexus!!!!)))

NHLhockeyplayer15 says:

Taking apples and oranges and com-pare-ing the two.

Kaipeternicolas says:

Haha the LEXUS looks horrible inside. Again, your guys’ review is just

lolraxjimmy says:

Roman, trust me when I say the 4Runner doesn’t even come close. The V6 is a
dog and the 5 speed is terrible. It’s also horrible on road/wind noise and
really unrefined. I sold mine for a GX. I would never recommend a new
4Runner. The last one was great though

Niko Singh says:

Hey Roman,

What kind of watch is that? looks cool. 

clarda1 says:

Zero to broken in 5.75 seconds!

BassRacerx says:

i would take the lexus for the offroading! 

dvspot says:

The GX a is luxury SUV not a sport car. So the wooden steering wheel is
perfect and well made. Roll royces still uses wooden steering wheel. 

Geke Cains says:

Lol how can people compare lexus luxury and devotion to details against
audi (which is good german product don’t get me wrong). Lexus interior is
much classier with the shimamoku wood and is hand-crafted. Lastly the lexus
is far more reliable and that’s what you when you pay for expensive luxury
cars like these two.

urceyes says:

Sorry, non of the above. 60k can actually buy a lot of others. 

Paul Montero says:

Roman is getting to be quite expert at guessing the 0-60 times.

Alex Baloch says:

The Lexus is horrible, lol

urceyes says:

Just can’t stand Roman’s laugh every time after 0-60…….. totally
horrify! >.<

Dan Troop says:

I would vote (and pay) for the smile inducing Audi.

7ReviewsAWeek says:

5:14 I kinda hate him for that statement.

Nima Ataei says:

Audi is overpriced and a money pit. I would go Lexus any day… yes, they
aren’t as fast or fun to drive, but they make for a great ownership
experience, and it’s a car you could realistically pass down to your
children. Audi couldn’t touch that status with a ten-foot pole, AND Audi’s
interiors are severely lacking for the price point.

James A says:

This is a really dumb as fuck comparison. How the fuck do you compare a
sport SUV, to a full-size SUV? Of course the Audi is gonna be faster, it’s
smaller, lighter, and more compact. The TFL crew needs to find a new job,
because next thing you know, they are going to compare a fucking Prius to
an R8, and call it “Very Close.”

PING Kuwait says:

ّ I have one question why the gopro camera has more light and less quality
than the other camera on top?

handas2 says:

Can you guys review the Audi Q5 vs Mercedes GLK vs BMW X3 vs Porsche Macan
vs Mini Countryman vs VW Tiguan vs Cadillac SRX on and off road? Thumbs

Alejandro Martinez says:

How come these guys always have to make corny jokes. Its annoying

Hrag Artinian says:

That Lexus looks like a really ugly rhinoceros.

Riyaz Imtiaz says:

Lexus all the way.

Sam Hassall says:

Is this car no longer a diesel?

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