2014 BMW 2 Series – 228i and M235i test-drive

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2014 BMW 2 Series – 228i and M235i test-drive by Mico Silver at BMW of San Francisco. 10:25 – jump for M235i test-drive I did make a mistake on the specs: M2…


Londonsfresh Prince says:

The M235 is fucking monstrous. Having had an X6 around 3 years, only
recently decided to visit show room and the consultant fella was kind
enough to show it round the block…. Its probably one of the quickest cars
ive been in to recent date. It deep throats the road instantaneously, when
he pulled off my stomach turned and thing is I could tell he didn’t have
his foot down. 

Enrico Cecchetto says:

Great car! I love this new 2 series, it could be my next car…

Héctor Obregón says:

Great vid, nice to see a knowledgeable sales exec for a change.

Iran Garcia says:

Just got my 228 last night! Thanks to Jean at Braman BMW! Had a 2011 328
sport pkg. before, and let me tell ya, you will not miss the 328 feel. They
really thought of everything on this model. Everything that you might not
need , so that you don’t pay for any extra bells and whistles. The steering
feels amazing. The ONLY CON (for me), is that the basic model does not come
equipped for SIRIUSXM radio. (EVEN though when you call sirius, the 228
series do show a radio ID). Kinda weird. But just something to think about
if you’re a die hard music listener driver. The fuel economy is amazingly
crazy on this one. And it is VERY spacious! (I’m about 6’1). Hope you guys
enjoy your 228 as much as I am. 

Tutsuo Shima says:

Awesome video a lot of information and neat video first person POV.

Ted McScorcher says:

Nice review but you should have showed the M235i’s exterior as well. I will
be getting either this one in silver metallic with manual box and LSD or
the upcoming M4 Gran Coupé.

Santiago Canepa says:

M235i has 320 hp. Check bmwusa.com

Mark Rhoades says:

Does this car have the same legroom and seating position for the driver as
the 2011 335i coupe? Im between a CPO 335i coupe or saving a bit more for
the M235i, Thanks!

Mrcloc says:

Thanks for the vid. The cars may be fun, but that camera shake left to
right is certainly not. Made me motion sick.

vismortis says:

Thanks for putting this up. You are like the only 228i vid on the net.
Everyone is focused on the M235i but honestly most people are going to go
for the 228. Drove both and honestly the M235i was not worth the extra if
you put the Sport pack on the 228i. 

Alex Douglas says:

Wow, $33,000 with destination for the 228. That’s a fantastic price in my

vale2doe . says:

Sounds better than my ’12 328!!! Although you did call it as 225 when you
first got behind the wheel. :/

Héctor López says:


Brian Reardon says:

Does the 228i have the artificial engine sound piped in? It sounds great!

Ilias Toumpoglou says:

very nice car though

alex says:

it sounds very sexy btw

bmw racer says:

Getting one with a manual tranny will be close to impossible unless you
order it from the factory.

grubebluete says:

2 month and its mine with full equipment! yeah

alex says:

love the little fun car, its gonna be my next car next year, saving up for
it. i will get the M packege for the 228i without anything else.

alex says:


vale2doe . says:

Sounds better than my ’12 328!!! Although you did call it as 225 when you
first got behind the wheel. :/

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