2014 BMW 2 Series Coupe Sport Line Start Up and in Depth Look

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Brand new 2014 BMW 220d Coupe Sport Line ○ Price starts at 35.355,60€ Car on the screen: 46.300,00€ ○ Engine Type: Twin Power Turbo Diesel 2.0 liter inline-4…


Nick Car Videos says:

A closer look at the new 2014 BMW 220d Coupe Sport Line

Help me to improve my future uploads….. Write down below what do you
think about the video! Any suggestions?

horravel says:

bmw makes very ugly interiors for 1-2-3-4 series it looks very cheap and
out of fashion

Ollie Neville says:

I don’t understand… this is quite clearly a 220d with the sport line
trim, BUT it has M sport parts added (M sport steering wheel, sport+
function on the driving performance control switch) I am from the UK so
maybe this is just something when can’t get.

Andre Tennis says:

Dio quant’è bella sta macchina

Oscar MDX says:

You missed if teres an usb and aux input, does the stereo supports DVD
or its cd? if it is, it supports wich formats? cant find info anywhere for
the 2015 versión

Berry29tm says:

bel video, ma conosci autovanti o vai la e chiedi semplicemente di vedere
la macchina? Te lo lasciano fare senza assillarti con preventivi e robe

Ryland Cook says:

Imported straight from Germany :P

Shyguysays says:

Tsunami, lol

Mr002lorenzo says:

per me dovresti fare in italiano dei video simili a quelli del canale
Saabkyle04, sarebbe bello anche inserire qualche curiosità sulle auto
protagoniste dei video

Top Cars HD says:


Badr Mohamed says:

Please camaro zl1 2014 ^ 

threepac3 says:

I have this exact car, except I have red leather interior.

turpioSE says:

you shouldn’t rev the car stationary

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