2014 BMW 2 Series Review | Consumer Reports

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Whether you get a BMW 2 Series in its basic 228i version or the super-quick M235i sports model, it’s a blast to drive. Yet the car doesn’t beat you up on you…


ThreeDigitIQ says:

****Warning**** This review is 90% opinion. Only watch this video if you
are interested in confirmation bias. Shame on you ConsumerReports for
allowing you name associated to this tabloid style review. 

pedrof830 says:

perhaps what BMW needs to do is take this same philosophy and move it up
market to their more expensive models. But $50k for this? that is what a 5
series went for just a few years ago!!

autoxerwgn says:

Um, this car does not have a Twin Turbo engine, just a single Twin Scroll

innerpurpose says:

I’d like to hear real world MPG on both models…

Randy O. says:

What’s with the headlights blinking at me around the 1 minute mark ???

Keimeko Scotland says:

The only review of an M235i with a proper 6-speed manual and it’s coming
from “boring” CR…..all other auto media / journalists should be ashamed…..

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