2014 BMW 3 Series Review | Consumer Reports

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The BMW 3 Series gives you lots of engine and body types to choose from. All are fuel-efficient and nicely finished. Watch more luxury sedan videos: http://b…


mountainhobo says:

Crazy price considering it will just keep going up as the car starts
falling apart. And it will, it’s a BMW.

accordguy0325 says:

Attention ! he quoted a price for the 328 D AWD- Diesel, with options for
the astronomical price of 50 grand. A 320i AWD starts around 35 grand. Skip
the options and the diesel – and it isn’t half bad.

harjeet singh says:

It’s actually really easy to beat the 3 series nowadays. Just check out it
competition. I mean the Lexus IS is a much better car than this overpriced
unreliable bmw.

Andrei Arama says:

americans u dont understand shit ! in europe we pay 122.000 €for a bmw x6m
and in america u pay 80.000 dollars !!! and u say they are expensive ??? u
basically get everything very cheap from fuel 2 cars and u stil complain

layhosik says:

Was this a commercial or a review? 

Earlando Smith says:

I hate it when ppl with older versions complain about the newer versions.
If you love you old outdated car, keep it and shut up. But some of us can
afford the newer and better versions.


Well said.

Rick Usack says:

If one just has to have one of these but the BMW price tag puts you off
then wait two or three years and by it for almost half the new price!

James Smith says:

Thanks for that blast of ear bleeding techno music. Wonderful commercial
for BMW by the way.

coryscott543 says:

Did a great job. Went over both pros and cons of the car. Nice to mention
the pricing… 

95thRiflesOCI says:

Never liked the BMW series, for some reason they don’t look that great in
my eyes or price competitively. I rather get an Audi or if on a budget a

Joseph C. says:

I got a loaner 2013 328i and I will not buy another BMW if they continue
this path of dull driving. May as well get a more reliable C class or

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