2014 BMW 4 series Convertible

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Demonstration of the new 2014 BMW 4 series Convertible.


Valentine A says:

Thanks, very much Mico Silver for review!

Pepeh Teerapat says:

I love this review, I don’t care how much electronic system in the car
because this can be learned later, but I want to see how to use the car in
everyday life.

Insha Zafran says:


sam2017 says:

that was honestly one of the best simple reviews of the 4 series

Ali Al Zahrani says:

Exllenet car, by the way is this San Francisco Street? 

Jasper Chang says:

This car has be a transformer lol

JasonGPhotography says:

i am certain that the 4 series allows you to be moving while putting the
top up/down at up to 20km/h

younggooroos says:

nice review. simple useful and clear. 

Robin Hood says:

5:29 Lol for a moment I thought you start this thing by saying Action.

Pun Jabi says:

“Action” direction got recorded. lol

Milad Hosseini says:


Stas Stas says:


Euric Dinkins says:


Pham Nhu Thai says:

I’ve bought this 2014 BMW 428i , it’s really comfortable !

박상현 says:

이거 어떻게 하는거예요>?

Charlie Zammit says:

Nice car

JasonInThe HOUSE says:


Akuff says:

Excellent review, keep it up!

Peter Pan says:

frisco ….. :-)

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