2014 BMW 4 Series review | Consumer Reports

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The 4 Series is new nomenclature for the BMW 3 Series coupe and convertible. Even with all of the optional enthusiast goodies, we find the 435i tends more to…


emdec55 says:

I’m not bothered by moderately salty words, but you’re not impressing
people by using them… Just seems very phony.

crosses101 says:

Is the economy that good that these guys are making more model cars? You
now have 1 series, 4 series, x1 A3 and A5. BMW will soon have a X2 and X4.

jvrdlc says:

Great review TOM!!!!

Tail finz says:

i didnt think ned flanders would like this car

Kaelin Curtsinger says:

Edgy tone all of the sudden? Leave it for KBB please. I always come to you
guys for the strong neutrality and editorial style.

Thomas Bruyninckx says:

Of you find idrive complicated, then you have à problem. 

1g2002541 says:

sounds like he is having a mid age crisis

Canakar360 says:

Your reviews have improved!!


Joseph C. says:

Got a loaner 2014 328i recently and hated it. None of the 3 modes (sport,
comfort, eco) are very good at what they do. Bluetooth kept disconnecting.
Start-stop is unpredictable on a manual transmission. The car feels like a
Lexus. What’s the point?

Sam Man says:

That is stupidly expensive. 57 grand no heated seats or navi??? That would
bring total to 60k

619Niners says:

I’d rather buy a C7 Corvette for the price. 

oldschool1 says:

Reviews are starting to sound like Brian Cooley’s from CNET. Nice. 

James Ham says:

Don’t particularly like the car, but the review was solid…I’ll give it a
like =]

Eric Cotte says:

who are all these idiots thinking that iDrive is complicated?

Steven Vincent says:

“What the hell is a BMW 4 series!?” Lol

Dish0803 says:

What’s up with the profanity on the reviews lately.

Mirch Masala says:

Decision? It’s actually easy. Don’t buy. 54grand ? Are you f’king kidding
me? You can buy a house these days for that much.

Jose Andrade says:

First time I heard CR using bad words, but is still a very good review.

ycnexu says:

Mwahaha, this guy talks so unnatural, reading out his little script. 

Thomas Griffin says:

57k and heated seats optional…

dave dunn says:

Whats the point with all the other youtube car reviews that are longer and
more informative? 

r1pster says:


dave dunn says:


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