2014 BMW 428i xDrive Coupe DETAILED Review on Everyman Driver

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http://www.everymandriver.com/ – 2014 BMW 428i xDrive Coupe DETAILED Review on Everyman Driver with Dave Erickson. Support the EMD Team with a $20 Gas Card v…


Everyman Driver says:

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Guy cohen hanoch says:

finally someone showes the head room in the back properly!!!!!

Bob Bobby says:

It wasn’t long ago that BMW used the UNDERESTIMATE their 0-60 times. These
days late model BMWs just don’t seem to want to “take off”. There’s this
significant lag, which is visible on the video, between when he puts his
foot down and the car responds. A 3 litre BMW just ten years ago wouldn’t
do that, even with an auto transmission. It’s like the engines these days
are hard wired to conserve petrol. 

PlanetWasabi.com says:

I love the camera shot that shows Dave’s legs spread wide….yum!

jOE Mee says:

I like your gloves more:)))



CmanCorporations says:

Hey Dave, why are you biased to BMW? 

froochie123 says:

Coo-Pay? Wow its everything pretentious I hate in a person all wrapped up
in one word. 

senorgato70 says:

The 6-speed manual will likely be slower than the 8-speed auto. Sorry,
but $51k for this just doesn’t seem worth it. From a design standpoint,
it’s pretty generic both inside and out. The only reason I’d consider it
is because BMW offers such crazy lease offers. 

Dj Dunn says:

They took that from ford

814gt says:

The car looks about as attractive as the journalists jacket! Remove the
Buick side fish gill and can you please stop changing the front end every
12 weeks. BMW is awesome in my book, but this design is a little off the

OneOfOne says:

that is the ugliest jacket I have ever seen on youtube

Bone Man says:

Sexy jacket, where’d you get it?

LaoK8710 says:

regular ? wow , but the 6 C will need the premium recommended right?! 

AlexTheGreat says:

Loving the longer, lower and wider stance of this car. It gives the car
much more of a ‘sport” presence just looking at it (and when I sat in one
at my local car show). From an Everyman perspective (no need for all the
extra bells and whistles) this is by far my favorite BMW.

bezor Ta says:

You get slightly higher 0-60 times because I guess you are using all
weather tires and also xDrive is a bit heavier.

Ernesto Ortega R says:

i hate the front end on BMWs, and to be fair, i love mercedes but their
front ends are ugly too. wats up with that Germany?

Elliott Manning says:

You should have had the chassis in sport+ mode and transmission in sport
mode to get better 0-60 times.

MatTZI014 says:


senorgato70 says:

That luggage…with that jacket….VERY special ::–))

814gt says:

Ugliest 3…4 series coupe in a long time. Side gill needs to go!

OneOfOne says:

the E coupe is better if uglier.

Everyman Driver says:

2014 @BMW 428i xDrive Coupe DETAILED Review on @EverymanDriver with
@IMDaveErickson @CampBMW

baosavanh75 says:

This will be my first BMW, I hope quality are as good as the japanese

EQUANT says:

You don’t know how to launch an automatic! Hold the brakes, increase the
revs to load the torque converter, then release the brake and see how that
goes :)

NakedtruthEyes says:

The driver need to step on the accelerator while pressing the brake , build
up the engine rev then release the brake, then it will get better than 6.44
sec for sure

Moby Dick says:

0:44 you can tell he has a big penis.

Björn S says:

This is so weird, how we earlier somehow managed to open the trunk even
when we had bags in both hands. I am not sure but I think we used to put
one of the bags on the ground, reach for the handle on the trunk lid, press
that and voila, the lid opened up. 

RayzaBlayz says:

the seatbelt system is necessarily a safety feature, its just because the
doors are too big 

TheSeeker008 says:

get your hands out of your pockets when doing a review! and what is up with
that jacket? 

J Koch says:

It definitely needs larger wheels than the 18″s on your tester, which get
lost in the wheel wells. I do like the new dash set up on the 4 Series.
Nice review.

sunsirel says:

ugh they still make that awful beige interior! The upright nose looks better

But nice white jacket tho

Honest Insaan says:

Awesome Car… Awesome Review.

Jamil Moore says:

I’m sorry, but I disagree with the Regular fuel type…Premium Unleaded
always recommended, if not required with these cars…

JK BR says:

I just traded in my 07 328i for a Ford. The BMW was great to drive, but I
couldn’t keep the engine light off – if it wasn’t one thing it was another
with my 328i. It only had 50k miles.

Dave says:

you need to test in sport plus mode… why do you test in sport mode??? the
traction control kills the engine

snakeye2669 says:

Nice jacket

websslinger says:

It only has 240hp; I don’t think a manual is going to make THAT much
difference 0-60. Sure, you can build boost to get it off the line quicker,
but I doubt it will break into the 5′s.

gene978 says:

Over 65K to get this 4 series loaded. That is TESLA MODEL S Money

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