2014 BMW 435i Convertible Quick Take Review: Is 4 better than 3?

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The new 2014 BMW 435i Convertible is the new topless BMW that replaces the 3-series convertible. It is indeed fast and certainly fu…


Jon Bob says:

I currently have a 535 but I really want a convertible and the 6 series is
out of my price range so this is perfect for me. 

mouthies3 says:

Way too overpriced.

Drugs Bunny says:

Why did BMW put a badge on it saying “luxury”, that would be pulled off if
it were my car

Laweeze Morton says:

Did you say Coupe’ ?? ha ha ha ha ha.. I guess with that pink sweatshirt,
it works.. I kid..

volsman1978 says:

Did you just refer to this car as Miss Piggy with the top up? I totally
disagree. This car is a beauty with the top up and down. Get a clue man!!

dieselngoungou says:

Why not pay a little more to get an M3 instead of paying nearly $90,000
Canadian dollar for this model? Its just overpriced. I chose M235i after
test driving M235i, 335i and 435i with M package. I saw a 428i in a local
BMW dealer listing $72,000, I asked why. The sales guy didn’t even know.

malideux says:

idk why but this is fucking depressing

MetalsForBrunch says:

the luxuary tags is soo tacky. thumbs down for this boring engine and
gorilla bumper 

ctecce says:

So, tell me again.. Is 4 better than 3?
I watched, and watched again, but sadly found no such assessment!

Tony Than says:

Beautiful car, both exterior and interior, but overpriced.

v1los says:

After reading the title of this review, i was expecting a comparison
between the 3 & 4, but there was none! So is 4 better than 3?

Evilbowmaster63 says:

This would be a good car to drive on the beachside.

AAD MBP says:

Another shit video, takes almost a minute to start the review. FFS which
vagina makes these videos.

ken masters says:

terrible gas mileage for a modern car… 

Jonnybarbs says:

those stupid luxury tags

FleyeGuy says:


Fordguy1997 says:

I don’t understand revving the engine to the redline in Park… That’s just

Mark Smith says:

At 2:14 WTF he is talking about? “The trunk looks way too long for the
rest of the car.” ???? The trunk is SHORT. The hood is extremely LONG.
Dude needs some coffee, make it an espresso. WAKE UP

LongBoardCruisers says:

How much does a BMW 5 series or 3 series cost in America ? And other than
the car what else do you have to pay in order to own and drive a car ?
Anyone ?

The Fast Lane Car says:
Rob Booth Automotive says:

The white doesn’t do it any favors however as you can see all of the panel
gaps, especially in the roof. A darker color would give it a more
streamlined look.

DylanHuberify says:

BMW calls it the ultimate driving machine, do don’t offer a proper manual
transmission. Another overprice piece of junk. 

hipposnakeyo says:

That ‘Luxury’ badge lol

n777ua says:

I think it looks really good with the top up….YMMV

Mike Morehouse says:

I’m going to disagree, I think it looks a lot better with the top on. It
just looks weird with it down.

Mr. E says:

Hardtop convertibles should be outlawed. 

megamike317 says:

Cannot get over how ugly that steering wheel is. 

Gaetano Femminella says:

is it just me or this review blows. Poor 435….

Nathan S says:

Very sexy car! I don’t usually like hardtop convertibles or convertibles at
all for that matter, but with the top up or down this car is very sexy!!

icemanroyal says:

The car might be a stunner, but that sweater Roman is wearing needs to go
back to the early 90′s or maybe even the 80′s :P

k3rrons says:

yeah ok, but is 4 better than 3? :/

Christopher Inductivo says:

i like the previous gen design better

strangerberry says:

Lol! That hideous LUXURY badge! What douche thought that was a good idea?

Anyway, when are they finally going to make new cars again? It’s like BMW
hasn’t designed a new car in the past 10 years, they all look the same
apart from the lights which got a slightly different form.

Chance Wilson says:

Nice car in a nice color

Michael Howatt says:

Roman, is there any trunk at all with the top down?

Lee-harry C says:

What a terrible video. Miss leading title, no review, terrible facts.
Americans just can’t make anything good. 

Jorge Urdaneta says:

yes Sir. send me one in that color. but with xDrive. else… don’t :P

pontiachotshot says:

I like the Walmart LUXURY stick on badge lol

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