2014 BMW 435i Review

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The all-new BMW 4 Series is sold as a BMW 428i or BMW 435i with or without xDrive. Check out this review of the 4 series from BMW that replaces the older 3 S…


easkateripper says:

BMW is the new honda, every kid has one, and every adult that has anything
less than a 5 series looks like a kid. very unfortunate.

Torrey B says:

Great review!!

Skyler91 says:

I prefere the 335i xD

Lord Staind says:

Zack can you please show the actual footage of the car you’re driving and
not some alternate video of the same car. Would love to see more sights of

WhereTheLoud says:

You do a great job with these reviews, keep ‘em coming 

Babychoocho says:

I keep hearing BMW is softening their rides. Less driver feedback. If it’s
not an E36, E46 or E90, etc. it’s just not “The Ultimate Driving Machine”.
Very interesting that Cadillac is becoming more like BMW than BMW. The only
reasonable conclusion I can come up with: BMW’s research must indicate that
the potential buyers or current owners of 3-series are caring less and less
about driver feedback. It seems the BMW 3-series purist would migrate
towards buying used. Thoughts?

Chris says:

i think exactly the same. i loved ur remarks about the audi interior vs
bmw; i prefer bmw’s

Tor Guy says:

BMW has the MOST BORING interiors, I sat in my uncles new 4 series, and I
was not impressed.

I know BMW tends to go for a “clean” sport kind of look, but they should at
least add some luxury to it.

OneOfOne says:

stick shifts are dead. pointless. annoying in the city. inefficient. so
stop praising them because NOBODY buys them

JKota35 says:

I absolutely love the proportions of the F32 4series, and I thought the E92
was near a masterpiece. I had to pull the trigger on a new car last summer
so I went with the F30. Watching this thing on video over and over again
makes me wish I would have waited for it. Great review. Thanks. 

Paulose54 says:

Great review
as always

Manjunatha Eashwaran says:

awesome review sir, I am just wondering whether you would do a A6 review!

Stealth333 says:

When I sell my 335i I will keep the badge and put it on the 435i lol

Johan Littorin says:

The 4 cyl 2.0L engine are pretty much a must in Europe. Since the brands
needs to keep the emissions down for the hole range of cars. So if they
want to sell a lot of big engines, they need to sell way more of the small
to get the procents as low as possible. So a 2L engine, with around 300hp
gives a lot better emissions, when driving normal then a 6 cyl 3.0L or a
V8. But not when it’s pushed hard.

Most brands makes really small cars with very small engines to keep the
emission down as much as possible. The tiny cars are popular in big city
with narrow roads like London, Paris etc. This is also the reason why M4/M3
going back to a 6 cyl 3.0L engine instead of a V8. Audi probobly going for
that in the next gen RS4 as well.

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