2014 BMW 435i xDrive 0-60 MPH Review

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 BMW 435i xDrive is a brand new car two door that splits the difference between the 3 and 5 series. It is certainly fast, i…


kirbyswarp says:

Why isn’t there just a button for launch control? By the time you enable
launch control even a Civic will be gone.

Jonathan Washington says:

So pricey I rather have something else but then again its a bmw. But just
wish it was alittle cheaper.

bmwmsport11 says:

the only 4-series id buy is the M4

Michael Zubritsky says:

Yawn…just another over-rated, over priced BMW. Not interested. 

FastRedPonyCar says:

Damn for 65K, I’d be in a CTS-V. 2 more doors & gobs more power. This 4
series has no point of existing. If people need more room out of a 3
series, that’s what the 4 door version or 5 series is for.

richie s says:

In my opinion, the 4 series is a little too round looking. The taillights
look kind of awkward because they’re so bubbly and the front end has an
outward slant to it. I just prefer the look of the 3 series. I have the f30
335i msport xdrive in estoril blue and the sharper lines of it are better
than the 4 series in my opinion. Plus, i don’t know why they couldn’t just
stick to “3 series coupe”

Bergvid says:

I love how Americans whinge about the price, try paying over 120k for these
and see how you like it.

drdj69 says:

435i is a beautiful car. Its looks great in flesh and great fun to drive.
Im selling my S5 soon for the 435i. 

motokid032 says:

Hopefully they figured out something with the transfer case servo motor. X
drive is garbage.

Johnny Barrett says:

I don’t understand why BMW made that car, what’s wrong with the 3 ? Great
video guys !

Maad Dan says:

I think BMW should of called all the two doors the 3 series and the four
doors the 4 series. 

Bruningable says:

The 35i – the only real BMW gas engine that’s available these days. The 35i
is the last BMW gas 6 cylinder engine! (At least here in Europe/the M cars
ignored) BMW sold it’s DNA to the Eco-Devil. Screw you downsizing mania!
Nice car.

EatMyPropwash says:

Nothing on trunk space? How do I know if my golf bags will fit in the

Fordguy1997 says:

I’m pretty sure that you guys don’t understand this car. The 4 series
replaces the 3 series coupe. Now, the 3 series is only offered in sedan
form. BMW is now making all of their odd numbered series of vehicles only
sedans. The even numbered series cars are replacing the coupes of the odd
numbered series.

Ex: The 2 series replaces the 1 series coupe; the 1 series is now only
offered in hatchback form. 4 series replaces the 3 series coupe. 6 series
technically has always been a coupe/convertible version of the 5 series
anyway (except for GranCoupe)

Mohammed Khalil says:

BMW please start thinking about changing the interior of your cars ….
They are all the same like from 2005 all the models got the same interior
!!! go learn from Mercedes Benz or Audi for god sake !!!! 

David Fischer says:

Who in there right mind thinks this is good value for the dollar?????
Stupid insane pricing. 

Kaipeternicolas says:

+The Fast Lane Car The gear leaver is counter intuitive?! Man… this guy
has no idea what he is talking about!!! BMW is one of the few companies who
do it the CORRECT way. Please go back and review your American Mustangs or

jdlarson11 says:

For that kind of money I would buy a Mustang GT 500 or a Camaro Zr1 

clark kent says:

What’s with the strobes unless u want to get in trouble with the cop’s i
wouldn’t recommend using them

clarda1 says:

What a terribly boring, over stated, out dated, bland interior.

iamanoobiecheez says:

Steering wheel does look cheap, as well as the rest of the dashboard. BMW
1 series is worst, 3 series almost as bad. 4 series no better. For luxury
you gotta stick with Lexus.

HalfBreedMix says:

Not seeing where the extra $10 grand over the Q60 is going. 

Roger Lee says:

why does the headlight keep brinking? is it the adapative LED?

The Fast Lane Car says:
sugarsaint says:

Thank you honest review, just the other day some fan boy fool tried to
explain in a review that now in “his opinion” BMW have surpassed Audi

This kind of stone faced bullshit from fan boys is what’s wrong with the
modern world. The deluded ‘brand allegiance’ phenomenon spills over into
kind of insanity where people will talk absolute bobbins just for the sake
of massaging their personal preference.

Very strange modern trend. 

NOLAItsNotOva says:

One of the only BMWs I would buy. I really hate how expensive these kind of
cars can get. Germans just love to give you those packages. And some back
ages have half the stuff you want and another package has the rest of the
things you want. Mercedes does this with their safety equipment. 

MrKeyboardCommando says:

If you want to ‘downshift’ at 6000rpm, you’d better make sure your engine’s
got a rev. limiter. 

Vito Corleone says:

This was definitely a good video. The Germans love adding expensive
packages though it’s so annoying. If you don’t get the packages, you pretty
much have a car that is no fun with a bm badge whereas you add a package,
you have to remortgage the house (exaggerating obviously) but it’s a little
more fun and actually suits the badge. 

Ryukachoo says:

this system is actually on the previous generation 3 series coupe (the e90)
as well

John Carder says:

They do offer the 6-sp manual option (no cost). That appeals to me.

southbeach09 says:

I can’t wait to see what the M4 puts out.

chicolatinochevere says:

0-60 miles in 4.7 seconds with paddles shifters.

John Mensah says:


Gazooo29 says:

Good video,no ass slapping this time,it didn’t make you guys look
professional saying a car has a nice ass.

Gordon Mccracken says:

Sexy? Gorgeous? It looks like BMW gave up on styling the coupe.

Sjrick says:

ive test drove this car recently and you dont need all the bells and
whistles and i was given a price of 44,000

Lexus Cohen says:

That 64k price tag is way too high, I would choose the RC in any case over
this. I love the 4 series, but not for that price.

Leo Fikremariam says:

$16,000 in options?? Good Lord. Well at least it’s not like Porsche with
$40,000 in options. 

Quinn Lawrence says:

Then BMW shakes it up more with a 4 Gran Coupe! They have so many models!

CPAR15 says:

I like the new 0-60 camera view (dash view).

Mskro Krek says:

is it better to close attraction while racing?

prl08 says:

It amazes me that BMW has managed to be the luxury bestsellers for 9 years
straight, yet you both (esp Roman) find a laundry list of problems on EVERY
BMW you test. What’s next? The blue in their logo is too bright on the
steering wheel? The door handles aren’t wide enough? We get it, you like

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